Wishing it could have stayed 8 AM all day

20120520-182053.jpgIt was so gorgeous at Houghton Lake today that I could’ve sat down by the water all day. Alas, time marches on and soon it was noon. I thought something like, “It’s late September and I really should be getting back to school.” or maybe, “It’s early Sunday afternoon and I really should be hitting the I75 SUV Speedway so I can get back to the Planet Ann Arbor in time to get some chores done because I have a busy week ahead including a presentation on Thursday.” Yada yada. Yada. Ho hum.

I was feeling kind of crummy this morning (psychologically) but fortunately I had a smooth sail all the way home. After all, it is the weekend *before* Memorial Day Weekend so most of the “amateurs” were not on the road. You know, all of those holiday weekend boat or camping trailer haulers. I received a couple of text messages along the way that made me feel a lot more optimistic in general.

I got home to no wifi. Again. Didn’t this just happen a few Sundays ago? Yes. Yes it did. After intermittent service over the next week, we decided it was our aging cable modem, so we replaced that thing and things have been cool since then. Until today. Flashing yellow on all the hubs. I switched my phone over to the 4G and took a look around. Lo and behold, a Planet Ann Arbor friend had posted that there was indeed a Comcast issue.

I can certainly use my phone to get online and do that a LOT but I needed a real keyboard, one I could touch-type on. I needed a few grokkeries too. So I threw my laptop into my backpack and hoofed it over to the Plum Market and sat out there using the whifi. (Come to think of it, I wonder who their service provider is…)(“Whifi”? Snort. I’m not gonna even correct that one. Hee hee.)

Anyway, I am posting this boring bunch of blather from my iPad. It is hot here but it is only in the 80s and it seems to be a “dry” heat so it’s not oppressive. I have the big fan turned on but not the central a/c. I do not want to shut up all the doors and windows. I’d rather be able to hear the birds and whatever.

Goodnight. I hope I have the Internet back on my laptop soon. Apple, take a note… Make your laptops 4G-able…

One Response to “Wishing it could have stayed 8 AM all day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    80 is hot! We had a run of nice weather but are looking at rain and 50s this week. Yes, you read that correctly! I always manage to blame myself for internet problems when it IS usually Comcast. 😉