So… What is in this little unflung area of the Landfill Back Room? Hmmm. A spinning wheel. A collection of remote-controlled helicopters. (Please don’t sit on them.) A cat mobile made by a first-grader (and her dad) and a set of bells made by an I-fergit-what-grader (and her dad). A 2002 high school graduation photo. A vintage globe from Treasure Mart. A loverly painted wooden fish. Dream-catcher tangled up with a bunch of waarrrs underneath an a/c unit that we do not use anymore because we have central a/c now. And I don’t know what else.

Y’all are noticing the… [elephant in the room anyone?] The Red Piano! It is a player piano but you can also play player pianos (hee hee) yourself in the regular way that people like, oh, I dunno, Vladimir Horowitz did. You know, by pressing the keys down with your fingers.

The Red Piano is the piano that took up residence in the Courtois fam home over in Royal Joke. It was used as a player piano but I *think* that some of the Courtois kids also took piano lessons. It is red because my vibrantly beautiful mother-in-law aka Grandma Sally *loved* the color red and painted it that color. I have to say that when both the GG’s parents were dead and we built the beautiful new cabin at Houghton Lake, all of us (including me) had a tendency to buy red stuff for the kitchen — teapots and pans and dish towels, etc. Was Sally watching us? I’d like to think so.

We moved the Red Piano over to the Landfill when the Courtois parents moved permanently from their house in Royal Oak to their condo in Florida.

Fast forward (don’t you hate how life does that fast forwarding thing?) In the midst of the billion things I need to do to deal with The Commander’s estate, I remembered that I am now more or less the owner of *two* (count ’em) pianos. I have the Red Piano and then there’s the piano at The Commander’s house. I am not sure what to do with two blasted pianos. I cannot fit them both into my house. Although I love the Red Piano, The Commander’s piano is [arguably] a better piano. But maybe if we [finally] fixed it up…

I am not sure what I will do. I *can* play the piano. I can play it quite well. But I haven’t played it in years. You saw the remote controlled helicopters on the bench, roight? I still want to have a piano in my house. I’m not ready to give that up. I covet The Comm’s piano but I would gladly give it to any of her lovely granddaughters if they wanted it (And you kids, I’m am not trying to dump a puano on you, but if you want it, let met know!!!! If you want it *someday*, lemme know. Maybe we can work it out.). Same thing for the Red Piano. If there are Courtois children / grandchildren or whoever who want Grandma Sally’s beautiful piano, please let me know.

I don’t know what will happen with either of these dern pianos. How many damn pianos can one baggy old systems analyst-type person own? She only wants one…

4 Responses to “Unflung.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love having our piano–but two might be a bit tricky. They’re big and heavy. It sounds like these two are sentimental too. Hard decision.

  2. Sam Says:

    Room for Red at HL?

  3. jane Says:

    if you end up donating one, the schools might take it.

  4. jay Says:

    We had two pianos in our house for a while. Both donated to us if we could move them. Gave one to another family eventually.
    And I have dibs on the upright at home, which is backed up to the pump organ from Don and Katies cabin. …..