I was blowing parmesan cheese off of my computer. Jeebus fricking kee-reist!

I can haz a family? I am accustomed to the whole empty nest thing and I even like it. I leave for work in the morning and when I get back home in the late afternoon, the Landfill is basically the same as when I left for work in the morning. And there’s the other thing about the empty nest syndrome. When your “chickies” (channeling Grampa Garth here) have left the nest, it means that they are successfully living on their own.

On the other hand, there are so many nights that I come home from work and it’s just me and the GG. “Luuuuuucyyyy I’m home!” Or just me sometimes. If the GG is outta town. For a long time I enjoyed being spacified. Alone. In my own loverly landfill. I needed that as I began building a new career and started de-acquisitioning all my crappy old stuff.

I still do enjoy the aloneness. Sometimes. But over the last year with all the times I was squatting at the Squatter’s Paradise — ALONE — I grew to actually sometimes feel *lonely*. One beach urchin out in SanFran. The other on The Planet Ann Arbor but I hardly saw her because our work schedules don’t often coincide.

I left work a little early today.

When I got home today, the A2 beach urchin was working in my “garden”. Daz!

When I got home today, the A2 beach urchin had made tomato basil soup on my loverly three-burner stove.

When I got home today, two beach urchins had done laundry down in the Landfill Dungeon. I LOVE when people come over home to do laundry.

When I got home today, there were two Honda Civics already here.

When I got home today, one of those Honda Civics had a Callyforny license plate on it.

When I got home today, the Callyforny Deetroit beach urchin was ravaging the Landfill for stuff she could use in her beeyootiful new apartment. Me? Yes! Take it take it take it! I offered the A2 beach urchin some stuff too.

Tomorrow night I will be back to hanging out alone here at the Landfill. And that will be okay. Tonight? Two beach urchins here. One has been hanging out in the “garden” for hours, trying to reclaim a wee bit of land to grow some tomatoes. The other? Home from California. Drove from San Francisco to New York City and then back to Deetroit. Ferndale to be totally accurate… And here to the Planet Ann Arbor for the afternoon and an eggplant parmesan dinner. Taaarrred of eating at restaurants.

My house was rocking today and I felt like a moom again. I think I will like having both beach urchins within driving distance. Daz.

3 Responses to “I was blowing parmesan cheese off of my computer. Jeebus fricking kee-reist!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love having the girls home too–although their mess makes me crazy. 😉 Is Liz home to stay?(in the area anyway)

  2. jane Says:

    yay! can’t wait to see BU #1 again!!! and BU #2 as well, of course. 😉

  3. Marquis Says:

    Liz is gone? I wondered why all of the flags were at half staff out here.