Dream kitchen bedroom

Uh, still working on that Landfill Chitchen thing so what about this Dream Bedroom?

You maybe can’t tell in this photoooo but that headboard is SILVER! I mean it is the most sparkly silver fabric you could imagine. I could not believe that The Commander bought me a sparkly silver headboard. It really wasn’t her style. But she did it anyway.

I think I moved into that room when I was about six. I slept upstairs in a bedroom next to my parents until then and I have vague memories of floral wallpaper being in that room in those days. I don’t really remember what the room was used for. I don’t *think* that The Commander’s loom was in there. Or her sewing machine. That was always upstairs in her bedroom…

Anyway, in a teensy tinesy little bungalow house on Superior Street in Sault Ste. Siberia way back in 1960 or so, this was my teensy tinesy bedroom. I remember the [persnickety] Venetian blinds better than the curtains but I know that The Comm made those. I remember that beauteous toy stove. I remember the Golden Book encyclopedia there on the shelves. We were buying those things one at a time at the grokkery store and I was *reading* them. Yes. I probably stopped at about H or whatever.

I remember that skirt (sorta). I was (and am) a weird combination of girly-girl and tomboy. I think that is a good combination to be but (alas) I wish I were better at OWNING that in my own life. Maybe more people like me speaking up and taking (ulp) leadership roles would help the world value women a bit more… I am outta words about that for now… Sigh…

That boy in my bedroom? My little brother. I guess we were playing nicely that day and The Comm or Grandroobly got a good photo.

I loved this bedroom. The Commander created it for me and it was so beautiful. Eventually it did have a sewing machine in it. One that I used to sew my own clothing when I was in high school. Was it ever messy? Yes it certainly was. But I periodically cleaned it up. There wasn’t quite enough stuff in there that it was ever all that hard to clean up.

One Response to “Dream kitchen bedroom”

  1. Margaret Says:

    What a lovely photo! I can’t imagine the silver headboard. I think mine was plain wood. 🙂