I need a week…

I need a week. Or two. Or three.

I need a week to get my de-cluttering prodject here at the Landfill back under control.

I need a week to finish clearing out The Commander’s beloved house.

I need a week to sit on my you-know-what and play Angry birds.

I need a week to hang out in the Landfill Backyard and try to work on some gardening prodjects.

I need a week to sit on my you-know-what and play BeJeweled.

I need a week to think up some menus so that I am not galumphing over to the Plum Market every day (or thereabouts) after work to buy yet another hunk of carnivorous protein. Not that there is anything wrong with eating meat / fish, just that I am not being very creative about cooking lately. I can do better…

I need a week to sit on my butt and drink whine in the late afternoon while watching the ships go by.

I just need a week. I am not going to get one. I have three (count ’em) functional specs in the works right now. I am loving that I have so much work to do. I cannot take a week right now. But I still need one…

Good night,

2 Responses to “I need a week…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Right now I just need a weekend!! A peaceful, boring one preferably.

  2. jane Says:

    I will join you in sitting in the late afternoon watching ships go by. I will have wine and/or beer. and crackers. 😉