Meeting the neighbors without your underwear

We finally did meet the new neighbors, the ones who took over Hans’s house. I was worried just the other day about meeting them in a no-bra state. Today. Dun dun dun…

The Beach Urchins were *both* over here for dinner! I haven’t done regular family dinners for years. We had barbecued chicken and eggplant parmesan and pasta with pesto and salad. I did a lot of prep work ahead of time but I was still overwhelmed after working all day and I was wishing I had time to walk to the Plum Market after work but I was futzing around in the Landfill Chitchen, yada yada.

When you have adult daughters, sometimes you get a helping hand. Text message: “Moom, do you need anything from the Plum Market?” Well, yes, I do – a head of leaf lettuce and almonds and some pasta… Both kids: “What do you need me to do?” Well! Harvest some basil, make salad, make some balsamic viniagrette… And then… They were reluctant to leave me with the dishes. I shooed them out. Dish processing is one of my fave things to do in life.

Right at the end of dinner was when we met the neighbors. It’s always awkward (for me) to meet new neighbors. In this case, it was a ladder that allowed us to break the ice. Hans’s son had given the GG the ladder. We were grateful but we already have one, so the GG was resolved to give it “back” to the new neighbors. And so, there was our neighbor out on the garage roof *without* a ladder. The GG said, “Let’s go.” I was wearing two items of clothing at that point: 1) a tie-dyed t-shirt with a huge hole in one underarm and 2) shorts. No bra or underwear. Yes, goin’ commando. Fer kee-reist, it was 90-something degrees today and we do not have Lake Superior in the backyard. Or even one of those little KMart swimming pools like we used to get when the beach urchins were small. (Note to self…)

At any rate, the neighbors didn’t seem to care what I looked like and they didn’t ask if I had undergarments on or not. The Beach Urchins were there to kind of mitigate the situation. I figure it was something like, “the baggy old hippie-looking kayak woman can’t be all that bad if she managed to spawn those elegant young women.”

Good night, sleep tight,
Kayak Woman

7 Responses to “Meeting the neighbors without your underwear”

  1. Marquis Says:

    Sounds like a great family evening. Regarding the spawning of elegant young women, does this involve the organ that shall not be named? We are looking forward to The Cabin season. We would publish “The Spreadsheet”, except for a lack of data. Our time flux capacitor is, well in flux. See you sooner, or later.

  2. kayak woman Says:

    LOL! Date of arrival. Date of departure. That’s all I will need. 🙂

  3. Margaret Says:

    Hard to know what to say, especially when you are aware(but they are not) of your lack of undergarments. 😉

  4. Pooh Says:

    sent you an email re dates in flux.

  5. jane Says:

    oh gosh. undergarment discussions wouldn’t happen until at least the 3rd interaction with the new neighbors. or, potentially and preferably, never. 😉

  6. jay Says:

    Jane – is that when you plan to discuss them with your new neighbors?

  7. Pooh Says:

    Had an awkward conversation with our wonderful next-door neighbors. I mentioned that when the electrician put in our exhaust fan in the bathroom, I opened the bathroom window, so he could run the extension cord up to the roof. “Oh, yeah, that’s why we don’t open the window here, it’s right across from the neighbors’ side door.” Then my neighbor said, “Well sometimes I run down the stairs without any clothes to get the laundry, and I’m always hoping that window isn’t open!” Awkward pause while both of us comtemplated how nice the window was when closed… I guess she’ll be almost as glad as Mark (and me) when the bathroom paint project is FINISHED!