I was emailing back and forth with my BFF (well, one of my BFFs, that is, I actually have a few and so does she) Sam the Archaeologist (not dog) about the restlessness (or it is ennui?) of a typical Thursday when you have a 9-5 type job. Among other things… … …

There are certainly plenty of Thursdays that I can’t think of anything to blahg about but yesterday I had a rather different problem. Actually, my poor little overworked brain was aswhirl with things to blahg about. Current events like Vagina-gate1. Ongoing issues that make me angry like our loverly governor’s relentless push to grab our public schools and sell them off to the highest bidder2. Philosophical conversations such as “Can women have it all?” Google it if you don’t know what I’m talking about. Hint: The Atlantic.3. But after four solid days of intense design work and coding our hi-fidelity prototype (including wrangling some nasty old school javascript), my brain was fried. So I just opened up WordPress and started typing and what tumbled out was a bunch of blather about how stupid I was when I was young.

I wondered as I was writing it if it was TMI (“Too Much Information” for some of my readers who may not be familiar with internet abbreviations) but, in the end, I decided it was okay. Just some little bits and pieces of my life. I may have been an angsty, insecure, self-conscious teenager but that was only part of it. I also have memories of running around laughing hysterically or singing at the top of my lungs (and laughing hysterically) or whatever. With *friends*, yes I had them! Life is like a river, yada yada…

I decided to hit publish in the end because, as an adult, I think it is really stupid to play dumb to win friends but I am also not ashamed of that period of my life. I was just trying to figure out how to survive and I think other people do that kind of thing too (especially women) and I want it to stop and maybe if *I* admit to being such a nincompoop, young women who randomly find this blahg will realize that life can get better. Er, not that I think there are a lot of teenagers reading my blahg. *I* certainly wouldn’t have when *I* was a teenager. What the heck does that baggy old kayak woman know anyway?

Since I am meta-blahgging today, I’ll let you know that up until now, I was kind of on a roll but all of a sudden I have lost a bit of steam. Where am I? How do I?

Oh yeah. Blahgging every day? I dunno. Because it is a challenge. I could write a whole ‘nother meta-blahg about that but I won’t do it today.

1I have probably said enough about V-Gate already.

2Before you get your underwear in a bunch, I KNOW that was a GROSS over-simplification of the situation and slanted to boot. Many of our public schools *are* in dire straits but I am not convinced that any old charter school operator can fix our *systemic* problems. I am *not* against charter schools. But. More on this in some future blahg post.

3I read part of this article on my phone [at work] and saved it to instapaper. So I have not read it all yet. I do not think this woman has said anything new. What scares me is that we keep having to repeat these kinds of conversations.

2 Responses to “Meta-blahg”

  1. Sam Says:

    Luv U KW. Truly.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I love your stream of consciousness blogging! You make me think about WHY I do what I do, or did. Charter schools are trying to come here; too bad that their test scores don’t match up to their rhetoric.