I cracked up when npJane commented “Yugoooo” when I posted this crazy photoooo of the Mackinac Bridge on facebook this afternoon. First, this is just the Hipstamatic Salvidor Dali lens and I used it just because I am tired of taking “straight” photooos of the Big Mac.

We got outta Dodge (aka The Planet Ann Arbor) just after 7:00 AM this morning. We took the Lansing route to Houghton Lake, stopping at our fave Best Choice Market for a few things and then the Houghton Lake Group Home long enough for the GG to cut the lawn and me to take a much needed (but HOT) walk along Long Point road.

And then on toward and into the yooperland for a week of work at the Dillon House and various other endeavors and maybe even a little bit of vacation for me. Boy do I need it. The last year? Not fun…

This photo was just for fun but it is a bit scary. The Mackinac Bridge was finished in 1957. My parents drove me and my newborn brother over it the first night it was open to the public. I was three and I actually remember that excursion. Before the bridge was built, we used to take a big car-ferry over the straits whenever we drove down south to see our relatives down in Dee-troit and Ann Arbor and East Lansing and other points south. I remember walking on the ferry deck with my dad and putting my hands in my jacket pockets just to be like him a bit.

Sometime back in the 1980s, when I was a young mother, there was a Friday night when my dad called me from the moominbeach. He was all excited about how strong the wind was that night and just had to tell me about it and even held the phone out into the wind so I could hear it. Me? I was wishing I was up there with him… Alas, the next morning brought the news that a young woman driving a Yugo had gone over the side of the bridge to her death. This kind of thing had never happened before. The “authorities” eventually found the Yugo down in the straits somewhere and I can remember all kinds of diagrams of how they figured the car went over the side and how it landed where it did. Short story? She was going way too fast in very high winds and somehow managed to get up on the guardrail and flip over the side!!!

No problems like that today. The seas were pretty calm at the Straits of Mackinac and I saw folks walking around in the water to the right of the bridge as we embarked upon it going northward. Here at the Moomincabin the wind was out of the northwest and I took my first swim of the season. I swam alone although Dogmomster, Ernie and Alfred were on the beach. I didn’t swim for long but as I did I thought of all the times I have swum with my cousins when we were kids and later on with Radical Betty and I was missing Uber Kayak Woman who always loves to jump the kind of waves we had today. Beautiful beautiful swimming. Chicken on the grill via Dogmomster Grillmaster and then a beach walk and now I am sitting on the back deck (wearing a polartech jacket and long pants) watching the moon rise back in the swamp.

Good night,

2 Responses to “Yugoooooo…”

  1. Pooh Says:

    See you soon! I am liking the sound of having to wear warm clothes, as we go into our fourth day of triple digit temps.

  2. jay Says:

    When I read the title, my first reading was, “You go.” Then my memory clicked and I got the, “Yugo,” reference. (Before I read further.) Very funny Jane.
    Ditto on the anxious to get north sentiment. Happy to be back in cool-weather land, although we are hoping for sun later today.