Close but no cigar

I am soooooo taaarred. I have earned it today. Lemme see. Walked the beach and then to Birch Point and back on the road. I actually run into more people on the road than I do on the beach. That is a good thing for the most part…

A simple breakfast and then in to town to continue progressing on cleaning out The Commander’s house. The Uncly Uncle drove up from Gaylord to help us out and he packed the big loom into his vee-hickle and took it with him back to Gaylord, where he will store it in his huge basement until its eventual owner is ready for it (or we are ready to store it). The last time I was up here boxing stuff up, I felt at least somewhat organized. This time, not so much. I think that means that we are getting down to the nitty gritty…

So, back out to the cabin for a good snacky-type lunch catered by Dogmomster, then the boyz and I took a rock walk over to Cedar Point, then Dogmomster did a major sweep and I liberated some floor space in the downstairs bedroom — the bedroom my brother and I shared when we were children here at the moomincabin. Back then, it had bunk beds and a dresser that we shared. There wasn’t a water heater in there (or anywhere) then and that’s about all I am gonna say.

And then… Nursed a glass of whine on the HOT beach for an hour, swam *twice* during that time, then came back up for a wondrous steak dinner grilled by @dogmomster. We were watching for the mean old grunchy old grinchy and we thought we saw Radical Betty’s old white Honda Accord drive by. So I ran over to the Grinchie’s house and there was RB’s car and I was banging on the door and yelling, “GROK GROK GROK GROK!” etc. I finally yelled, “We have steaks and ‘hattans, so come over”. I was loud enough that the GG and Dogmomster could hear me several dwellings away through the woods. I could not roust the Grinch so I went back and wouldn’t you know, just after we were finishing dinner, The Grinch’s VAN went down the road. Okay. So. The Honda-like vee-hickle that we saw earlier was *not* Radical Betty’s. It was probably going down to Dennis’s place… Egg on face?

I sent the GG over to catch up with the Grinch and so we all hung out on the moomincabin deck until it was actually chilly enough that I needed long pants and polartech stuff.

Good night,
Kayak Woman

One Response to “Close but no cigar”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Cleaning out my MIL’s stuff (from our rental house) was stressful, but I remember many of these times working side by side with friends and the few family members who showed up. It was very bonding! The wine certainly helps, although in my case it was BEER.