I voted (but not yet (but I plan to (if my absentee voter application isn’t too late…)))

This is where I’ll be on the day of the August Planet Ann Arbor city council primary. I hope that there will be a few more specimens of homo sapiens in those chairs by that time. For all I know, there are ghosts in those chairs. I am sure the growing number of ghosts are off somewhere on the party boat Fitzgerald or wherever. Maybe I’ll have to throw a party? We’ll see.

I cannot find anywhere on the Planet Ann Arbor website anything about when the city needs to receive absentee ballot applications. I downloaded my applications (one for me and one for the GG who will vote for whoever I tell him to (or not…)) a couple weeks ago, shoved them into my backpack, schlepped them up to the yooperland and forgot about them. Well, not exactly. Every time I looked into that backpack, I felt guilty about not filling them out and sending them in. Finally, today, I have them ready to go.

I know who I am voting for (if I’m not too late). She’s a democrat* and she researches all of the issues and is not afraid to say things like, “I think that mass transit is wonderful and I support it but I don’t support this crazy scheme where the whole county will be served by the Planet Ann Arbor bus system but most of the burgs out in the county do not want to spend their taxpayer dollars on this, so it seems as though this expanded bus system will require more dollars from the Planet Ann Arbor. Let’s spend our taxpayer dollars on basic services (like fire and police) FIRST and THEN figger out how we can expand transit.”

Okay, this candidate did not say that exactly. I did. But I think she and I agree. I’m sure the other guy (he is male but that’s not the issue and he is also a democrat*) is a wonderful person that I would like if I met him. I actually think he follows me on Twitter although I haven’t tweeted a whole lot lately, I use it more as a newsfeed these days. Anyway, I can’t quite figger if he has his own opinions about things or if he would follow the current city council “in-crowd”. Or if he is figuring that the council will be a platform for his own ideas… Which don’t necessarily represent those of his constituents.

So, I am [hoping to] vote absentee and I am “making” the GG do that too. Or at least making him apply for an absentee ballot. I will tell him who I want him to vote for but, although I hope he votes for “my” candidate, he is free to vote for whoever he wants to. We *have* at times “canceled each other’s votes out”. Often I do not even know who he has voted for. And that’s okay. It would be awful if one partner in a marriage tried to force the other into voting for a particular person or ballot proposal or whatever. I am thankful that I have the freedom to vote secretly both by my country and by my husband. Let’s keep it that way!

*In these times, you cannot win a city council or mayoral election on the Planet Ann Arbor if you are not a democrat. That has caused more than a few people to switch parties. I am not really sure that someone’s political party matters on a local level… But whatever.

5 Responses to “I voted (but not yet (but I plan to (if my absentee voter application isn’t too late…)))”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My husband and I often cancel each other’s votes. He’s a Libertarian who benefits greatly from my sort of government job and kind of socialized medical insurance, but I TRY not to point that out!! Peace in the home is more important I guess. Hope your candidate wins because I’m all about getting more women into power positions. 🙂 We’re not smarter, but we don’t have as many of those ego things that make some men act like you-know-whats.

  2. jay Says:

    All of our Washington ballots are by mail – or at least a HUGE portion of them. I wonder how they will enforce voter ID by mail.

  3. Pooh Says:

    In STL, I “think” your absentee application must be in two weeks before the election date. You can vote in person at the county election board up to the day before the election. I’ve already voted.

  4. UU Says:

    To grok is to intimately and completely share the same reality or line of thinking with another physical or conceptual entity. (Probably a frog)

    Party does matter. It reveals the values of a candidate more than anything else you hear. Although, BO is a socialist in Democrats clothes.
    And I hope we get more men into power positions. We’re smarter, and don’t have as many of those hysterical mood things that make some women act like you-know-whats.

  5. GG Says:

    I don’t want to get into tit for tat arguments. — “Well, there are tits coming your way.” (there is a story behind this quote – besides the happy thought)