Faaaarrrrr drill

Okay. Does everybody know what FML stands for? Because. Can I just say? FML!

I woke up feeling a little more frayed around the edges than usual. For various reasons. Ongoing “stuff” that you don’t wanna know about. And just, I dunno. I am sick and taaarrrred of the grind and not having any “real” time off. You know, a vacation that isn’t a busman’s holiday and doesn’t involve working (I mean telecommuting to my job, not processing the dishes (and garbage (and laundry (and recycling for multiple households))).

So, frayed. But, on the other hand, heavy into work prodjects right now, so looking forward to work. Except… Which keys are functional on my work laptop today? By the end of yesterday, all of the keys except for the dash, up-arrow, and one more that I forget right now were functional. Should I replace the keyboard or not? Is it really that a little water *may* have seeped into it or is it something worse?

My mood went beyond frayed into something resembling SURLY when I got a half mile down the road and the god-forsaken TAAAARRRR LIGHT LIT UP (yeah, I know). Can we just get the dern (NEW) taaaarrrrs FIXED???? WHEN???

Coffee with MMCB calmed me down a bit. I mailed some letters on the way to work and, by the time I got there, I was sorta feeling okay again.

Plugged in my laptop, faaarrrrred it up, checked my email on my phone, looked back and that thar screen in the photoooo was what presented itself to me. Okay. Continue. Starts to try to reboot… … … Same screen again. Hard shutdown… … … SAME SCREEN AGAIN!!!! Hey buddy. I have work to do!

Yes, another call to tech support was in order… My supervisor was walking by and asked how my computer was re wonky keyboard issues. I asked, “Can I just go somewhere and cry?”. (For the record, the answer was “Yes, or go take a walk if you need one.”)

I did feel like crying but I sucked it up and got tech support on the line and they opened a “ticket” and gave it a “critical” priority and told me they’d get back to me “within the day”. Except. They didn’t. And we don’t keep a lot of spare laptops around our office so it wasn’t until around noon that one was located that I could work on. So I sat around all morning twiddling my thumbs surfing the internet on my phone and feeling like crap in general.

And then I was late to a spec review (not my own, thank you god) because my loaner laptop doesn’t have Outlook on it and therefore I wasn’t reminded about the meeting. “Say what, there’s a spec review?” When I finally walked in, FZ handed me a cookie and said, “Here, you need to have *something* good happen to you today.”

Anyway, I am home. I am in a horrendously bad mood. I am done. That is all.

Oh yeah, P. S., when I got back to the Landfill, the internet connection was down (AGAIN) and I had to get down in the stoopid snake pit and unplug / plug things to get back online.

2 Responses to “Faaaarrrrr drill”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I DO know what FML means!! This is very bad, no good day with too many crappy things happening. I can handle one issue, but when it’s a bunch, I get my knickers in a twist. As you know, I’m pretty good at working myself up!! You got any whine at the Landfill? 😉

  2. Paulette Says:

    Solar flare activity could explain your day. 😉 Thanks to VF for this info from FB, “The Earth”. 😉 LOL

    An X-class solar flare occurred today at UT 16:48, given off from sunspot AR1520. The NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) telescope recorded the massive release of energy. Sunspot 1520 is oriented towards the Earth and there are already reports that the flare has caused issues on Earth, with NOAA reporting problems with GPS satellite signals and high frequency radio communication.

    X-class solar flares are the most powerful in NASA’s rating system, uses the letters A, B, C, M, and X to establish categories that are each 10 times more powerful than those in the previous category.

    Sunspots and solar flares vary over an 11-year cycle, a cycle that we are approaching the active phase of, so it is very unlikely that this is the last massive solar flare we’ll be observing this year.