Calling all internet trolls on this loverly Friday the 13th

Yaknow, you could probably put a dog on top o’ this vee-hickle.

I think this is similar to the vee-hickle The Commander learned to drive in. In a farm field.

We owned two of these (in serial, not parallel) when I was a kid. We had a green one and then a blue one and we traveled over to the Killarney in one of them — all four of us — a few times. I learned to drive stick in one of them — by stalling out at the Easterday / Ashmun intersection. The Engineer ended up with the blue one.

“This thingamajig used to be over there but it’s over here now. But it doesn’t really matter.” Ah yes, the days when The Engineer and Grandroobly and their mascot Sam (dog, not archaeologist) would have all of the car hoods in the moomincabin parking lot open at once. Inspection time.

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