It’s Saturday and… we’re on The Planet…

Today? Up early and hoofing it down to the Planet Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market and some people we know and love have never met a faaaarrr hydrant they didn’t like. It’s really, really not what you think it is (hee, I had to say that so I don’t get kicked outta the Landfill…) But still…

Trucking down to the FM is a Saturday morning habit for us but it’s been a while since we’ve made that trek. Which means we’ve been outta dodge for a couple weekends. And then there was that Saturday we met up with a bunch of folks down at the Daytwa Eastern Market and somewhere in there was a weekend that the GG wanted more sleep and I did my regular o-skunk-30 walk and made a run to the Jackson Rd. Meijer instead. Anyway, we were back down there this morning.

We had a good time talking to the Fish Lady. I mean the woman who salvages old planks and driftwood and paints them up to look (more or less realistically) like various fish species. Like the one in the photoooo below, which I bought a few years ago and “we” (y’all know who “we” is, roight?) finally hung up above the front door at the moomincabin. I dredged the photoooo off my phone and the Fish Lady was ecstatic! We will buy more fish but not today because I didn’t wanna schlep a three-foot wooden fish two miles up a hill.

As it was, it’s high summer and it’s a hot one, after an unseasonably warm spring, so there was a *lot* of wonderful produce and I was just almost over my limit schlepping a backpack full of stuff plus a couple plastic bags up the hill and so it was a long sorta hot slog home. And then, after doing a few chores, I schlepped over to the Plum Market for some other stuff.

At about 1:30 or so, after a morning of chores and errands, I was haaaaanggging around, talking on fb with a couple of beautiful childhood friends / high school classmates of mine, about getting their hair done. Whether for our upcoming (ulp) 40th reunion or not, I do not know but I assured them that I would be there with raggly unstyled undyed hair. I was kind of casting about for which chore or prodject to embark upon next, when the GG suggested a “joyride”. I was thinking, “Oh fun, another trip to the hardware store.” But no, he wanted to schlep some stuff up to Dogmomster’s and after a split second of “oh, no, I’d rather stay here and dredge through The Comm’s old paperwork and stuff”, I jumped up and MOBILIZED! And so, a very pleasant trip to Dogmomster’s (via the freeway) and back (via the backroads). With a beeru in between. Grilling tonight.

I dunno where I started with this and I’m not sure where I ended up but I think I am done. Duuunnnn dun dun dun.

Update: Except I guess I am not done. Because, just after I posted, the GG happened to look at the Houghton Lake webcam and this was what he saw:

You can’t see in this photooo but another photooo showed that the PONTOON BOAT WAS NOT IN THE HOIST!!! Lizard Breath and some friends are up there this weekend and we knew that they were out in the pontoon boat. So, um, were they out in the pontoon boat when the storm hit? WERE THEY OKAY? I texted immediately! I mean, this uber-responsible 20-something budding pontoon boat driver is also the BABY that I was once scared to death I wouldn’t be able to keep alive. After a few tense moments, a return text came in: “We were at the Tiki Bar with Bob and Gay when the storm blew through.” Okay then! Wish I’d been there too! 🙂

Now. Good night. -KW!

4 Responses to “It’s Saturday and… we’re on The Planet…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    We have a Saturday FM around here and I’m determined to go sometimes, but I HATE the hassle of parking. (and it’s way too far away to walk since I live on the Hill and it’s downtown) Last time I visited, I spent way more time sniffing candles than I did buying fresh produce. I vow to do better next time!

  2. Sam Says:

    Sometime when the stars align, I wanna (selfishly) DO the Tiki Bar, and maybe the pontoon floater thingy, too…. With you & the GG, of course….

  3. jane Says:

    bars are always a good place to be during a storm. I think I will start to live by that ‘code’.

  4. UU Says:

    We saw the storm on radar and so when it got close, moored up at the Thirsty Monkey. While we were there, four more boats came in, wet.

    Made it back to the cottage between squalls. Toll: One ash and two birches. We will have plenty of firewood for a few years.