Guest blahgger from the Jurassic Age

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5 Responses to “Guest blahgger from the Jurassic Age”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Cute!! Are the billions of potholders still around? 😉

  2. Sam Says:

    You had a busy summer back in ’62, starting with billions of potholders. I was making them that year, too, I suspect.

  3. isa Says:


  4. jay Says:

    We had Butterscotch for many years.
    Shelly only for a short while. I think she may have run away, but I was only 5-6 so my memory may be wrong.

  5. Pooh Says:

    Confirming Jay’s comment, yes, Butterball morphed into Butterscotch and lived with us for many years and Shelly ran away within months of coming to Ann Arbor. She was still with us when Butterscotch had a run-in with a car. He used to sit on the tire or up near the engine compartment of the cars in the parking area next door b/c it was warm. Good strategy, unless the car starts up! He came home with a broken leg and internal injuries. After a trip to the vet, he smelled medicinal, and Shelly immediately attacked him. He recuperated in the basement, away from his sister.