Blaaaahhhhgggg… Or is it blaarrrrrgggghhhh…

It is 95 degrees. According to the Ninja.

It is 96 degrees. According to my phone.

It is 91 degrees. According to the Landfill Chitchen thermometer.

It is gonna be worse tomorrow.

My work laptop is on the mother ship.

I hope. I have not heard one peep from the mother ship.

I have had two loaners since my work laptop kicked the bucket.

Neither of the two loaners have all of the tools on them that I need to — easily — do my job.

Notepad is really not the best application for editing javascript files.

Somebody wants to use my latest loaner for a meeting tomorrow…

A crazy person just filed to run for mayor.

Last I looked, I think he was running for president too.

Yes, that president.

He plans to move the White House to the Big House.

I told you he was crazy.

No, I am not going to vote for him. What were you thinking?

The problem is that I don’t like the mayor either.

I mean as a mayor. I’d probably like him as a citizen.

The mayor is the only other person running for, uh, mayor.

Some choice.

Got home to find a totally incomprehensible letter from a bureaucratic agency responding to a letter I sent so long ago I can’t even remember it about The Commander’s “change of address”.

I mean her mailing address.

The one that doesn’t exist any more.

It goes on and on about court stamps and judge’s dockets and things.

I do not have the brain power to get on the phone and navigate the menu system to try to figure out what it means.

Why can I not do this via the Internet?

Oh never mind…

It will be interesting to see what this bureaucratic agency does when mail to The Comm starts bouncing back at them.

Which it will do starting about, oh I dunno, NOW.

I mean, I *tried* (apparently) to change her mailing address.

Wonder how many incompetent bureaucrats passed my letter around before it landed on the desk of whoever wrote this piece of crap letter.

We are drowning ourselves in rules, regs, security crap and red tape in general.

Incompetent out-of-touch bureaucrats and politicians are leading the way.

This stuff is going to sink our civilization.

It was a looonnnnnggggg day.

I do not have any kittens.

4 Responses to “Blaaaahhhhgggg… Or is it blaarrrrrgggghhhh…”

  1. Paulette Says:

    I like your style…(of writing, too),,, Stay cool.

  2. jay Says:

    This beaurocrat, er bureaucrat, is getting ready to leave her bureau. (My spelling has obviously already left on vacation.) One of the great things about being a bcrat at my office, is if we don’t like one of our forms – we can change it!

  3. Margaret Says:

    Crazy people and bureaucracies–I’ve been dealing with them LOTS myself. The medical ones are quite a labyrinth. Then I add in school, COBRA, Social Security, etc. and I want to tear out my hair!!

  4. jane Says:

    it is now Tuesday afternoon at 2:53. it is 101, ‘feels like’ 103. although there is a breeze which is the only saving grace right now. AND I told an artist friend I would help him set up his tent at art fair, which will likely happen around 4:00 – when it will be even hotter perhaps. what was I thinking?!?!?!?’

    so excited about tomorrow when the high will only be 90….