The Plaid Screen of Death in a Dry Heat

The good news is that my work laptop magically emerged from whatever black hole it disappeared into today!

I almost felt like kissing the delivery guy.

Even better news: It still has all my “stuff” on it.

Extra good news: Two out of three four specs published this afternoon! Yay!

Not-so-good news: My loverly laptop is now apparently afflicted with The Plaid Screen of Death.

As in, you are working nonchalantly away at whatever it is you are doing and the screen suddenly goes black and then plaid. Or what we’re calling plaid.

A bit better news: The Plaid Screen of Death is fixable although very annoying.

And you have to do a hard reboot.

Note to self: next time you get the PSD, take a picture!

You know, with that computer you carry around in your pocket.

Temperature in the Ninja at 5:00 this afternoon: 106.

Temperature in the Ninja at the Jackson/Maple left-turn signal: 99.

Outdoor temperature reading in the Landfill Chitchen: 96.

Indoor Landfill Chitchen temp: 94.

Humidity? 31%.

It’s a dry heat.

Really. I am actually standing in the Landfill Chitchen in 94 degrees WITHOUT a cold wet washcloth draped around my neck.

Yes, we could turn on the central A/C.

Don’t ask.

The bad news about a dry heat? NO DAMN RAIN!

Was Introduced to a visitor at work today as “one of those artsy Ann Arbor people”. Er, something like that.

Yeah, well *you* [introducer] hired me. >wink<

Yeah, those angle brackets are inside out but I’m keeping them that way because they *look* like a wink.

I wasn’t even wearing a tie-dyed tshirt!

I am now.

Do not ask about undergarments. You do not wanna know.

Apparently when it gets this hot, I can only think in fragments.

4 Responses to “The Plaid Screen of Death in a Dry Heat”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s humid here but only 68 degrees, so it’s OK. I will TRY not to whine. I hate any unfamiliar screens on computers; you know how to deal with them at least. I wring my hands, cry and then take it up to my computer guy, Ralf who berates me in his heavy German accent about being on FB or many of my other favorite internet sites.

  2. Mac Says:

    Turn on the A/C all of your electronics will thank you

  3. Marquis Says:

    How hot is it? Is it hotter than hell? Is it hotter than Saint Louis?

  4. kayak woman Says:

    I dunno what the temps in St. Louis were today or whether we were hotter or not here. It was over 100 here this afternoon but the humidity was low, so we never did turn on the A/C and probably won’t. Thanks @Mac for the reminder about electronical beasts. Yes, best if they are kept cool but I left my work laptop locked in a cabinet in my air-conditioned cube and my macbook is doing okay.

    If it was more humid here, we would turn on the A/C but I like to be in touch with the outdoors as much as possible. I appreciated my air-conditioned office building and vee-hickle today. Sooo… It is cooling down now (92 is what my phone says but probably cooler here in my back yard) and tomorrow is supposed to top out at about 88-90. Whew…