Work day…

BIG work day. This afternoon I was kind of wishing I was on the beach [alone, sigh] but then I saw Jeep and Pan working over next door and I realized that we are all in this together. [Whatever “this” is… ;-)]

This morning, I drove to town, threw a load of beach towels (and some damn underwear) into The Commander’s washing musheen and took a load to the recycle, my new fave home away from home.

Back to The Comm’s house, where I assembled and filled three banker’s boxes with some of the rest of the junk there. We are pretty much down to the dregs now. Switched the laundry to the dryer and, throwing caution to the winds, left the garage door wide open (dryer is in the garage but painter’s trailer blocks the view into the garage) and headed out to Glen’s for gas and grokkeries.

After yet *another* trip to the recycle (to dump off some random cardboard and old telephone books, etc., that were hanging out in The Comm’s living room), the laundry wasn’t quite dry but I was pretty much done so I took a walk around the neighborhood. And got nostalgic when I decided to cross through the schoolyard at Washington Elementary and saw this school bus that the beach urchins used to play on when we were visiting their grandparents.

After the laundry was finally dry, I headed back out and (yikes!) Suzy Homemaker was in whirling dervish mode. Mostly I tried to stay out of her his way. I tinked around out in the garage and actually I managed to LIBERATE A BOX! Just one box but that is progress. We were scrambling to find boxes earlier this summer!

In the middle of all of that, the UPS truck arrived with an expected delivery and I was out there to talk him down off the ledge about turning around behind our garage. He did fine and then I had to scramble to get a return package into the mail. Which meant ANOTHER trip into town. It all worked like clockwork and at the end of the day, Suzy had cleaned every square inch of every surface on the first floor of the moomincabin. It looks clean and it FEELS clean. AND THANK YOU, Old Boy or Suzy or whoever! He also rearranged the living room furniture a bit. I think I like it this way. For now. It can certainly be changed. 🙂

We ended up at the Cozy Inn for the regular Thursday night fish dinner with whatever beach folks are around. We were talking about the good old days of outhouses and bathing in the lake. The GG and I were on the younger side of the crew tonight (although we are not that far behind) but we ran into a young North Country Trail member there tonight and I have to say we are MUCH older than her and she remembered OUR names (mine! even though she has met me exactly twice). Could we remember hers? Uh… I finally forced the issue and told her that we were having a “senior” moment (or whatever it was).

It is a beautiful evening here on the deck at the moomincabin and we are hanging out with the Mean Old Grunchie Old Grinchie and so good night.

2 Responses to “Work day…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I got tired reading this!! Lots of work accomplished and then a beautiful evening to relax. Perfect!

  2. Marquis Says:

    Hey! I still bathe in the lake. These days I use extra soap.