More than enough snakes and frisbees but no bears

Man, we are getting down to the dregs these days. I’m not sure it was exactly planned so to speak, but the GG and I made a run into town to pick up yet another load of cosmic debris at The Commander’s house. I will be glad when this phase is over. What is left is random and not all that interesting and… Well… Here is the Trashmobile, all loaded up for yet another trip to the moomincabin. With Washington School in the background. (I did not go to Washington School, I went to Stinkin’ Lincoln.) I did NOT go to the recycling center today…

We got back out here and I was not psychologically motivated to do much of anything but the GG was but I couldn’t exactly “help” with what he was doing. I can’t explain why exactly. For one thing, he has an identical twin and I think that those guys manage to work together without talking sometimes. I am the GG’s WIFE. I cannot do that with him, even after 30 years of marriage. So I went for a walk up on Birch Point Road.

On the return trip, I got to the old Read house and I goaded myself to take a bit of a walk down to Lewie and Doc Read’s old outbuildings. Even though there are BEARS in the general area. I remember walking (with my dad and Lewie and Doc and others) down the road beside the Read house. Back then, there was a garden with big SUNFLOWERS on the right, just as the road took a turn to the left. I headed left down to where the old shed/barn/whatever was. I thought that I remembered more buildings and maybe even a tractor or whatever. There was not much down there. The building below and a small doghouse-like structure. That was all.

Instead of retracing my steps up the old Read Road, I chose to go through the woods back to the cabin road. The walking was easy but some teensy tinesy little buglets kept getting into my eyes, nose, mouth, whatever. Yick. I knew that I wasn’t lost but I was almost starting to think that I was but then I got to the Light Line and I could see Paulette’s Yellow Cabin so I knew I was close…

And then I got back to the moomincabin and… The GG was in the middle of yet another flinging / organizing prodject! The shed. I did not help with this prodject. I am glad he did it. He did not fling anything. Tugsy is safe and so are all of the Tonka trucks.

In the end, we sat on the bank (above the beach) for a while. We have a north wind today, not our fave but it’s pretty warm and that made for a pleasant late afternoon on the beach.

Love y’all and goodnight.

One Response to “More than enough snakes and frisbees but no bears”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I think it would freak me out to be married to an identical twin. Of course, you’re used to it, but the idea of it is a bit disquieting. 🙂