Multi-tasking at the Oscar Tango

I am absolutely totally utterly dead taaared. I do not have much to say. This is the GG at the Oscar Tango tonight with his iPad, an ancient book dredged outta somebody’s cabin in the yooperland (“Yooperland Lawyer” or something like that), ‘hattan, water, iPhone, and earbuds.

By the time I got home from work this afternoon, the bunk beds (and The Commander’s couch and I dunno what else) were gone. Habitat from Humanity was happy to have them. I have been struggling to gain a fresh head of steam on the Great Flinging Prodject lately. Maybe this will help. It certainly frees up some space here at The Landfill.

Anyway, some party boys at the Moosewood Outfitter downtown asked us what kind of hi-jinks we were gonna get up to tonight and I told them our hi-jinks involved getting up at 0-skunk-30 tomorrow to walk down to the farmer’s market. I didn’t tell them anything about any urban peeing but there was some of that, although it was jungly enough in the Wildwood Woods that I doubt anyone saw anything.

And now I am here, having taken my Friday Night Second Shower, listening to a backdrop of crickets and some suspicious spitting sounds. Yes, I also smell a ceeeegar.

G’night and play nice out there in blahg-land,

2 Responses to “Multi-tasking at the Oscar Tango”

  1. isa Says:

    My bunk bed is gone?! Where do I sleep now? 🙂

  2. Margaret Says:

    Go to bed! Love the GG’s shirt. 🙂 But I wouldn’t want to wash it since it would bleed in my washer or dryer.