Electrofragmothermoglobulators in the freezer. …and bacon…

You never quite know what you’ll find when you open the freezer here at the Landfill. Bottle o’ moooooonshaaaahhn? Rennet? (Or was that the refrigimatator?) Dead anole in an Altoids tin? No dead owls, thank you very much.

Today, I opened up the freezer and I was greeted by these electrofragmothermoglobulators. And bacon.

So, whyyyyyy do I have electrofragmothermoglobulators in my freezer? (You know why I have bacon, roight? >wink<) Well… It is becaauuuuse… The other night, I was hanging out in the Landfill Chitchen. It was a beautiful coooool evening and I peered at my trusty old indoor-outdoor electrofragmothermoglobulator thermometer. The one that I’ve been looking at multiple times every day for the last 28 years. As you can see from the second photooooo, it reported something like 105 degrees outside! And 78 degrees in. Say what? I did about five double-takes. I did not have the A/C on. And I could feel a cool breeze coming in the chitchen window. I *knew* it was not 105 degrees outside. We had our share of 100-degree weather earlier this summer but it seems the heat wave has broken (knock on wood). I still felt an almost overwhelming urge to go outside and see for myself. Was it really 105 degrees outside? No, of course it wasn’t. Cognitive dissonance anyone?

Of course, my trusty old electrofragmothermoglobulator thermometer is broken. I can only guess it somehow got “stuck” at 105 back when it actually *was* 105 outside. So we trucked on over to Ace this morning and bought two new electrofragmothermoglobulators thermometers. A fancy digital one for the bedroom and an old-fashioned one for me for the chitchen. Of course the GG Mad Scientist had to test them out and I guess one of his experiments involved the freezer.

I am physically tired tonight. It’s in that good I-used-my-muscles-today way but I am not sure exactly what I did. We walked down to the farmer’s market at 0-skunk-30 this morning. It’s a four mile round trip but we do that all the time and it’s pretty much a no-brainer for me, even hauling a backpack of produce home. And I walked over to the Plum some time in the morning before the traffic got too nuts. Other than that? All I can say is that this morning, there were something like seven boxes of books, papers, and cosmic debris in my living room. Tonight there is exactly one. I spent *hours* sorting and filing stuff today. I made 67 trips up and down the Landfill Dungeon stairs. I made 105 trips to the recycle bin (which is just outside the door but involves a twisty-type move around the corner). I am not finished but I have made a dent. Things that can’t ever be thrown away (until big bugs invade the earth) or can’t be thrown away without more scrutiny or things I decided I didn’t have the psychological energy to sift through today are filed. And then I logged into my job and *worked* for two-and-a-half hours…

Best moment of the day? Running into a fellow YAGmom at the farmer’s market and cackling with her about how the highlights of our lives these days involve loading up trailers or trucks full of cosmic debris and taking it to the dump! Ta-da-dump, ta-da-dump, ta-da-dump-dump-dump! Ta-da-dump, ta-da-dump, ta-da-dump-dump-dump! Ta-da-dump, ta-da-dump, ta-da-dump-dump-dump! Ta-da-daaaaaaaaah-ta-da-da-dump-dump-dump!

I think the sun is over the yardarm!

P.S. What is in *your* freezer?

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