Make up yer own title…

One of my favorite times to walk is early in the morning, especially in the hour or so surrounding sunrise when the light is so spectacular. Even an amateur iPhoneographer like meeee can manage to get some randomly good shots at that time of day. I was angling for an early morning walk down by the river today but my hiking buddy has been fighting a summer cold all week and he needed a couple of extra sleep cycles, so I took my regular skunk walk and then hit up the Jackson Rd. Meijer, which is where I go when I need to buy stuff like toilet paper and scrubbing bubbles and things. And I had a few bottles to return and two jars of coins from The Commander’s house to dump into the Coinstar musheen. 729 pennies anyone? Actually there were 741 but the other 12 were Canadian and I threw them in the adjacent trash barrel. Yes, I did. I used to love to sort out coins and roll them but life is too short and my time is worth more than the hassle of rolling coins and taking them over to the bank to deposit, especially since I work during the hours the bank is open. Besides, the Coinstar musheen is fun!!!!

We had a tentative plan to go out to breakfast (or not) and by the time I got back from the Jackson Rd. Meijer, The GG was up and ready to go. I suggested The Village Kitchen because I had a hankering for a Greek omelet and also it’s an easy walk over there since it’s right smack in the middle of the Plum Market parking lot and I walk over there all the time.

After *that*, we got into the Ninja and did a little bit of local exploration. We actually had a plan of sorts. I wanted to check out the new foot bridge across the Huron River down at the Dexter-Huron Metropark. We actually paid for a Metropark day pass so we could go *in* the park and, well, *park* and walk over to the bridge. Which is finished and beautiful (but I couldn’t really get a good pic). At the moment, it is Washtenaw County’s Bridge to Nowhere because the portion of the Washtenaw Border-to-Border Trail it will eventually connect to is not finished yet. It’s okay. I can wait. I sorta hope it won’t be paved but if it is, I’ll live.

Elsewhere in the Dexter-Huron Metropark, we encountered a labyrinth! It is a very small one put together by a girl scout troop a few years ago. Still, I loved following the stones to the center (shown in the first pic) and then unwinding myself back out. According to the accompanying sign, a labyrinth is not the same as a maze.

Back home for more sleep cycles (for those who needed them) and work (as in job) and picking away at chores for the rest of us. I took a little walk around the back yard and found that Mouse’s berry patch is doing very well. That means that the plants are not dying. The strawberry plants are flowering like crazy but if there are berries, I think Henry is getting them. I also found a lot of weeds and so I put my glubs on and, uh, weeded them. Some of them. More to do…

Then, in the later part of the afternoon, we headed over to the newly built Scio Woods Preserve. A two-and-a-half mile trail through a gorgeous woods. With a cornfield along one of the edges. Minutes from The Landfill and if we ever get any damn snow around here, it’ll make for a quick x-c ski escape.

This is probably the most boring post on earth but I needed a day like today because we are gonna be a-rockin’ and a-rollin’ for the next three weekends and after that we have to figger out when to close up the Moomincabin. And. And. And…

Hope your weekend was wonderful. G’night! -KW

One Response to “Make up yer own title…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I would title this post “Life’s trivia” or “This and that.” It’s all about those tasks we do in our day to day lives. The Greek omelet sounds intriguing; does it have feta in it? I LOVE FETA!! On my list of things to do: get packed for LA, fuss about school, stress about my husband’s lack of energy(after being better since Wed.), gripe about not hearing from the girls, especially Ashley(I need a PLAN for the trip–are we taking suitcases, or just one suitcase?) and fuss more about my elderly parents paying over $1000 to get their non-starting/non-cranking car fixed and yet STILL having the same issue. They can borrow my car while I’m gone, but it’s a frustrating and scary problem for them!!