Beach day

I did the absolutely minimum today. Breakfast with the clan at Willabee’s, one quick run to town, threw together the easiest dinner on earth (bbq chicken, rice, local corn on the cob, salad), then hit the beach. Unmotivated? Yep. It was so hot on the beach (and everywhere else) today that I sat up on the bank where it was still shady until after about 1:00 PM or thereabouts.

It was so hot this afternoon that we (me and our visitors Sam and JCB) walked in the water.

Another water walk and then a quick swim to cool off before dinner. We marveled at the moon rising behind the trees. If you click over to Sam’s blahg, you will see a different version of this sunset:

And then an evening on the deck. Perfect temperature and very few moe-skee-toes.

Gooooooooood niiiiiiiight.

P. S. Can I just say that YES we were all taking advantage of the Veteran Greenhorns wi-fi with all of our loverly devices. None of this crazy “unplugged” stuff for us. Good times.

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