Up early today. Walked to one end of the beach…

And the other…

Then full-tilt boogie mobilization. Packing… Clothes, garbage, laundry, food, recycling, technology, kayaks, I dunno what else. Oh, yeah Froog and Green Guy stowed away at the last minute. (They are NOT going to the San Juan Islands with us so don’t get any ideas, you guys!) Cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen sink / counters and the GG did a perfunctory sweep job. And here we are ready to launch, saying seeya in the next episode to Bugs and Horsey.

Meant to stop by to see the UU and TBG but apparently the Twinz of Terror did not quite communicate the fact that UU / TBG were at their home in *Gaylord* (hello) and *not* at Houghton Lake. So much for telepathy between identical twins. So that was a bust. HL next weekend? Also, Houghton Lake feels almost tropical right now.

Nobody was at the Group Home @ HL and we were puzzled at first but I do check facebook and lo, there was a photoooo of folks out having a good time on the Green Boat. It was geotagged at the Silver Dollar Saloon, which is on *Higgins* Lake, and taking a boat from Houghton Lake to Higgins Lake requires a trailer trip. Those folks wouldn’t be back any time soon, so we continued on down the I75 SUV Speedway, taking a detour down M13 through Alger, Sterling, Standish, Pinconning, Kawkawlin and I fergit what else. No we did *not* stop at the cheese shop. Apparently “we” have enough 12-year-old cheese around here. But we did look at a kayak. (But not at the cheese shop.) Didn’t buy today. But… It would be nice if we owned enough kayaks to stash them in various places and not have to schlep them all the time. Of all things, the kayak woman (salesperson) we talked to wants to move to Sault Ste. Siberia! Hmmm… I am selling a house there…

2 Responses to “Southbound”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Nothing better than being on a beach and near the water on hot days!!

  2. Pooh Says:

    We have a kayak stashed in our basement that I’d be willing to sell at a steep discount.