How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time, don’tcha know. I do know because I am engaged in several ongoing elephant-eating prodjects (intentionally misspelled) at this time. The Big Fling is one of them and then there’s that thing we’re doing at my work. Fortunately someone smarter than me is in charge of cutting up the work elephant into bite-size edible tidbits. I have to manhandle the Big Fling all by myself. One thing at a time. Live in the moment. The next eight days will be a bit like that. There are a lot of unknowns to face and I am a little freaked out about it all. In some ways, since I travel very lightly if I’m not schlepping tons of crap down from the Yooperland, I am pretty well prepared but I know that I will be doing a fair amount of talking myself down off the ledge. Live in the moment. One thing at a time. Chill out (ducking because Mouse hates when I use that phrase) and if all else fails, take a walk or escape into the tech device of the moment. Actually, sometimes when I act like the nerd that I am, *other* nerds are not afraid to approach me and I actually make friends.

We bagged out of the Houghton Lake Group Home earlier than usual today. We could have joined these loverly gentlemen on a pontoon boat ride over to the Cut River. I wanted to get home. I had (I thought) a lot to do. Cleaning and organizing yada yada yada (ducking because The Commander hates when I use that phrase. Uh, oh yeah…). What did I actually do? Quick trip to the Plum Market, a load of laundry, cleaned the Blue and Only Bathroom, watered the “garden”, ordered a bunch of fall bizcaz-type clothes online (J. Jill for those who care, jewel tones… and black…), finished reading Cryptonomicon.

Finished reading Cryptonomicon. I loved the book. Did I understand it? Not completely but I got the gist. Faced with a plane ride to the left coast this week, I need another book or two. Anybody read anything good lately? I have to be able to download it to my phone. (Speaking of… Grinchie, are you reading this or are you up to your ears in drywall dust? Because, if you wanna read on the plane, we could download stuff to one of my devices for you. We’ll talk when you get here. WEDNESDAY!)

Anyway, we were leaving dodge this morning and as we crossed the bridge over the Cut River, we spotted our guys down there in the pontoon and I took this photoooo. The Twinz of Terror (one on the bridge, one on the boat) exchanged FUs (“FU and anybody who looks like you”) and then we schlepped along down the southbound I75 SUV Speedway. Well ahead of the usual Labor Day jaffic trams, I might add.


2 Responses to “How do you eat an elephant?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t know what kind of books you like! I read mainly mysteries which might not help you most. The books I’ve loved the most lately have been Snow Child and Half Broken Horses, two very different reads. If you like dystopian YA stuff, Ready Player One is engaging my interest. Weather is looking gorgeous on the leftie coast!! 🙂

  2. jane Says:

    I have enjoyed almost all of the Nevada Barr books (except 13 1/2 – I think that was the name). murder mysteries, withe heroine being a Nat’l Parks Ranger. There’s one that takes place on Isle Royale – A Superior Death. I have some of her stuff in hard copy if you want to look at them to decide if you like her stuff.

    what kind of book would you like – that will narrow down recommendations. oooh – I LOVED My Life In France by Alex Prud’homme (her nephew as I recall). wonderful read.