Looking like something out of Harry Potter?


I slept very well last night in the luxurious accommodations generously offered by my cousin’s (aka Uber Kayak Woman) neighbor. But even though I got to bed at something like 1:00 AM EDT, I had to force myself to relax and stay in bed until 6:00 AM PDT. But relax and stay in bed I did because I knew we would be rockin’ and rollin’ all day helping UKW get things ready for her son’s rehearsal dinner and wedding.

And so we did, schlepping things from place to place, scouring the island for an elusive set of plates (never found), and I fergit what else. Lunch in town with more arriving cousins to give UKW the space to regroup a bit, rather than interrupting her preparations to engineer lunch for nine people. UKW is an Amazon and I have learned from being her event-planning lackey in the past that it’s best to just sort of stay on the sidelines, providing a hand when I perceive a niche that I can take ownership of and generally being a sounding board.

And so, this is us at 0-dark-30 this morning, doing I dunno what in the kitchen. I’m sure *I* am probably processing dishes because that is one niche I can occupy in life without turning my brain on. (And my brain isn’t very helpful here anyway because I am unfamiliar with the island and am not listed as a driver on the rental vee-hickle. We didn’t really want to pay for more than two drivers and, thinking it would be a good idea for one of the beach urchins to be able to drive, I yielded that function to Lizard Breath.)

That is all for now. It is always hard to process my thoughts about experiencing a new place while I am in the moment and I am in the moment now. Phone and Internet are spotty. Wifi at UKW’s is solidly reliable. Elsewhere, it’s a mixed bag of service. Kind of like the yooperland… Anyway, I am posting this now because I’m going off the grid for the evening and may not get another chance.

Sayonara for now,


One Response to “Looking like something out of Harry Potter?”

  1. Tonya Watkins Says:

    Actually…this picture makes me think of Twin Peaks! Heh heh!