To Tag Or Not To Tag


A while back, Mouse found a cool web site that graphs the html tags on a web page. That picture up there is what it did with mine. “What in tarnation is that big round thing at the top?” Mouse and I wondered. Looks kind of like a blue and gray dandelion gone to seed. Well, I figured out that that dandelion-looking thing is my tag categories. Go to the right sidebar and scroll down a couple-three times.

I’ve been thinking about this tag and category thing ever since I converted my blahg to WordPress back in May. At first, I got so excited about having categories that I went a little wild with the tagging. I created categories left and right and tagged everything absolutely to death. I had entries with five or six tags attached to them. And then one day, I got kind of overwhelmed by it all and stopped. Just like that. I was just plain tired of figuring out which tags described my entries the best. I found that the little WordPress search engine was just as helpful at finding things as tagging. Except when I’m trying to find something from the years of ababsurdo archives that I may never get around to converting to WordPress.

So, all you blahggers (and non-blahggers too), what do you think? How are you using categories and tagging? Or not using them. Do they help you keep things organized? Or do they just make things messier? What about tag clouds? And stuff like (grok grok, whadabout grok grok frook) and flickr and technorati. And while we’re at it, let’s take it to a meta-level and tag tags.

3 Responses to “To Tag Or Not To Tag”

  1. sam Says:

    I followed the KISS philosophy….

  2. acourtois Says:

    Keep It Simple Stupid? Always a good philosophy. But I get off on tangents sometimes. Until I pull myself back to reality :-).

  3. Webmomster Says:

    aroo? the Silent Penguin is supposedly tagging tagged tags? um. Isn’t that like a kid trying to figure out just how many “na”s go in “banana”?
    I’m all for KISS, meself, too. At least for the stuff that’s s’posed to be fun, like BLAHGs 😉