• I am sick and tired of finding rodent crap in certain cupboards and drawers in the kitchen and I am going to empty them and clean them and not put anything back into them. This is a recurrent phenomenon and I don’t want to live with it any more. I don’t like traps, too often they don’t scribble the cute little scurry mousket all the way and then I have to drown it.
  • I am sick and tired of software applications et al that try to be too smart. Microsoft Word is the prime example with its infuriating desire to impose its own random ideas about how to number lists and things. But web hosts that offer WordPress blahgs as part of the package and then don’t give you easy access to the files can be just about as bad. I have encountered two of those today. Give us slow old hand-coders a break, wouldja please?
  • Php is also gonna drive me crazy. I tried to un-comment one sniggly little thing in my blahg index file today and, in so doing, managed to blow the whole dern thing away. I had to reinstall WordPress to get it back. I needed to upgrade anyway. Sigh.
  • bulldozers.jpgI dunno what those survey guys were doing on the “construction road” in between the two sides of the deep, dark, scary Haisley Woods or why Haisley School is suddenly housing school district offices. I hope the Ann Arbor Public Schools, in its infinitely superior wisdom, has not decided to convert the “construction road” to a “real road.” If they do, I suppose I will have to go and lay my old bones down in front of the bulldozer. People, we need *less* concrete around here, not more. Negative freeways and inside out cities. grok grok
  • I won’t even begin to mention the heat or the new shambling mounds at the Carbeck Landfill* or high fructose corn sugar or garlic down the garbage disposal or the dwarf planet Pluto or gephyrophobia or lithium ion batteries or all the stuff that’s in the news that is too controversial for my random little blahg.

* NOTE: I am NOT bragging about my horrible house-cleaning skills! I am having a *problem* with all of this! Compassion, please. Empathy, if you will.

4 Responses to “glarg”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    I’m afraid you’ll have to bring in a *gasp* exterminator. Your rodentia problem is probably permanently embedded in your abode. Had that “little” problem with the house in Tennessee and the *gasp* exterminator (and repairs to all potential places that said rodentia could get into the house THROUGH) was the only way … expecially when one of them decided to eat through an electrical cord in a far-distant wall and fried itself…

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Or I could just get a cat or four. Of course then sometimes you end up with unintended consequences like the time Muksaslooie presented Radical Betty with the *legs* of her favorite red squirrel.

  3. Webmomster Says:

    BTW – who’s scared of bridges?

  4. acourtois Says:

    Nobody in particular. On one of our girl scout trips to Mackinac Island, one mom was a bit nervous but I offered to drive her car across the bridge and she demurred.