Blahgger’s block

I am here on The Planet Ann Arbor and it is Friday night and we did what we usually do on Friday night, which is that the GG walks downtown in the late afternoon and then I walk down there after work (walking solo allows me to chill a bit) to meet him for cocktails and dinner at the Oscar Tango Barrooooom and sometimes we are Porterized and sometimes we are not. We did all that tonight and we were Porterized and it was all fun but I am feeling kind of blah somehow. I think it’s a lingering touch of jet lag. We only traveled three time zones so I don’t really feel like I should be dragging that much but still, since we got back, I have yet to get up early enough in the morning to get my full 0-skunk-30 walk in. I am *awake* on time. I just cannot drag myself outta bed. It’s not like I am sleeping in half the morning, just slugging until 20-30 minutes later than usual. I hope I can get back to normal by Monday. Or even tomorrow, so we can get to the farmer’s market when it opens at 7:00 AM. ’cause that’s what we *do* on Saturday mornings when we’re here on the Planet Ann Arbor.

So what else? Commiseration with my Daytwa public school teacher friend tonight and some solidarity with the Chicago teachers. Testing testing testing testing. Not entirely a bad thing if used in a constructive way. But where is the test that asks what time the kids went to bed the night before or where they slept or who they slept with and how many rats ran across their shoulder while they were sleeping or what they had for breakfast or if they even had breakfast or why they are unfamiliar with how a flush toilet operates. C’mon, people, the teachers are not the problem here and that is as far as I am gonna go with that because our country has some extremely complex problems these days and I cannot even begin to formulate the questions, let alone provide the answers. But make no mistake, the CEOs that run those big charter school companies don’t have them either. They just have a good nose for where the money is. Buyers (aka taxpayers) beware.

Yes, I am blathering even more incoherently than usual tonight. I am grumpy and cranky and tired and wishing the left coast wasn’t so dern far away. Or even the yooperland.

Good night, KW

One Response to “Blahgger’s block”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love the way you blather and you have a good sense of schools and how they should be run or shouldn’t be run. (or the problems that we face every day that should magically disappear) Don’t get me started!