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It was Friday night and I was sitting in the Landfill Back Room chilling a bit after walking down to the Oscar Tango Barrooooom and back for cocktails and dinner and taking a loverly second shower.

I got a wee bit grumpy after about the billionth Soo High alumnus posted an invitation to join them on something called “schoolfeed” to my facebook wall or somebody else’s. I don’t know what “schoolfeed” is or how much value it adds to my life. A lot of us are friends on facebook already and that alone has allowed some of us to reconnect and plan a fantastic reunion this summer. What is “schoolfeed” and why do we need it? I have ignored all requests to join it. I could well be wrong but it feels spamish to me. In fact, I’m not sure all of my friends even know that they are sending these invitations. (Yeesh, maybe *I* am inadvertently spamming others with it…) I genuinely like all of these people and I don’t want to lose them on facebook so, instead of grumping about it over there, I tweeted this (I doubt any of these folks follow me on Twitter):

Wish high school friends would quit posting “schoolfeed” “invites” to my facebook wall. Wonder if they even know they are doing it…

Then, because I was thinking about it, I tweeted what I considered a throw-away tweet about my ongoing situation with PayPal. I have had a PayPal account for *years*. It is very convenient when you want to buy something from a site like Etsy or eBay. A couple years ago, it got “limited” some how. I couldn’t use it to pay for anything. Supposedly I could “easily” fix it via the PayPal website but every time I tried to do that, I got stuck into an infinite loop that I won’t even begin to describe. I suspect that the issue was related to the fact that I ditched my landline a couple years ago. I could have called their tech support but I HATE calling tech support anywhere. Anyway, I *wanted* to use PayPal this weekend, so I threw caution to the winds and tweeted:

Also wish Paypal would let me “unlimit” my account w/out making a phone call. Issue is prob’ly that I ditched my landline a while back.

I am still getting spammed by former high school classmates who probably don’t even know they are spamming me. But minutes after I made that PayPal tweet, @AskPayPal started following me… Hello? I followed them back and after a couple messages back and forth, I woke up the next morning and my PayPal account was RESTORED!!! YES, I WAS IMPRESSED!!! THANK YOU PAYPAL!*

That allowed me to embark on a little eBay adventure. Oh, don’t worry, my transactions were all very small and I did NOT buy any froogs.

*Disclaimer: Paypal did not pay me to write this or even ask me to write it. I was just very impressed that they monitored my tweet and fixed my issue so quickly and painlessly. I did not expect that at all. Other companies (Apple?) take a note.

One Response to “Tweet tweet grok grok”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That IS amazing. I should start tweeting my frustrations about a lot of things. Maybe someone would listen!! 😉