“If I had a pokit if it wus big enuf I wod pot my mouse in it”

Little kids are so cute except when they’re not, oh you know, kicking their little brother under the table and then complaining, “He’s kicking meeeeee!” Or throwing chairs around. Or whatever. This little gem is written on one of those big sheets of lined paper that they use to teach kids how to form letters. It’s chock full of “inventive” spelling but notice that the word “mouse” is spelled correctly. You learn how to spell your own name early and over on the other side of the baggy old Landfill Chitchen from where I am blathering away, is evidence of that. Written in pencil on the wall at the age of something like 2-1/2. “Mouse”.

I finished up emptying the big canvas LLBean bag full of papers and stuff from The Comm, filing most of it, recycling or shredding the rest. And then it was getting toward the yardarm but not quite and I was hungry but there are no blasted snacks around here, so I started in on a Landfill file folder labeled “Report Cards”. Nothing much to see really. Apparently my kids were pretty darn good students overall. Of course, being their mother, I have always remembered the bad days, like when [the wonderful, in my opinion] Mr. 7th-grade-science-teacher emailed me about missing homework and the time when I felt obligated to go and drag a kid out of an end of school outdoor concert at West Park because of a missing assignment that I thought should have been a no-brainer for my normally uber-organized kiddo. It was her junior year and I just read an article this morning about how horrible 11th grade is… Hmmm…

One of the ironic things about that is that when I took myself back to college at the age of 50, that same by-then successful COLLEGE junior, who was about to launch for study abroad told me in no uncertain terms, “Moom, you have no idea about how to go to college. You can’t study in the CHITCHEN(!) and here is a folder for each of your classes.” I was okay. I got straight As. I did actually study in the chitchen sometimes but I also set up a place on the Green Couch out in the front room and nowadays that is one of my fave work-from-home spots.

Anyway, Hawkfest was today down at Lake Erie Metropark and we usually go down for Hawkfest but we decided that it would take five or six hours out of what could be a really productive day so instead, we parked down by Barton Dam and walked from there to Argo Dam, ate breakfast at the Northside Grille, then walked back. The rest of the day has been chores, errands, and flinging (yay!). I think we needed that. The GG has been on a vee-hickle-cleaning jag this weekend so both the Ninja and the Mean Green Frog Hoppin’ Musheen are spotless inside and out. That’s a good thing. It’s been a while. (I will guess that there’s still a partial bottle of blue death lingering somewhere in one of those vee-hickles…)

Love y’all,

2 Responses to ““If I had a pokit if it wus big enuf I wod pot my mouse in it””

  1. grandmothertrucker Says:

    everybody did their homework on the green couch.

  2. jane Says:

    ooh dang – my car needs a good cleaning. should have come over, parked in your driveway to see if he even noticed he was cleaning out a car that wasn’t his. 😉