Going rococo

Words? I can haz words? More like word salad tonight. About a billion pages of html today. Building out a new chunk of functionality. And a start on the words required to describe all that new functionality. And now my cube neighbor is adding ornamentation to my two against three (or five or six, depending) javascript functions. Going rococo in the online banking business. (Oh, don’t worry, it won’t affect you.)

Home and dooowwwn to the Ocsar Tango Barrooom and hooooome again and soooo taaarrrred. I could not for the life of me figger out what to wear down there tonight. And I don’t mean Scarlet O’Hara style, aka which ball gown should I wear? I mean which collection of raggedy old clothes will work best with the weather conditions. 70 or so walking downtown but dropping to the 50s at some yet to be foreseen time. I ended up wearing a tie-dyed tshirt, leggings, and sandals with bare feet. With a polartech vest and a pair of little black socks in my backpack. Warm walking down there but had to break out the vest to walk home. I am ready for sweater season. I am not sure I am ready for YakTrax season. Can I get some YakTrax for the Ninja? (Yeah, I know that would probably be chains…)

Toldya I was incoherent tonight. And I am absolutely totally utterly bone-deep dead tired so I’ll just quit while I’m ahead. Home on the Planet Ann Arbor this weekend. Farmer’s market tomorrow. Bright and early. And then we’ll see what gets done…

G’night -KW


One Response to “Going rococo”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Farmer’s Market sounds great. I’m tired too, but putting out a few fall decorations, which always makes me happy. When did I become a fall lover? Go to bed and rest up!!