Early morning foot tour on the Planet Ann Arbor

I threatened an early morning trip to the farmer’s market and here’s what it looked like about halfway down Miller a few minutes before seven AM.

The next bit was surreal. We walked under the Drop Acid, Not Bombz Bridge and we could hear a train and that was fairly normal because trains go along the river all the time and we were trying to figure out if it was going east or west and then we realized that it was waaaaay too loud to be all the way over at the river and *then* we realized that it was approaching the Drop Acid, Not Bombz Bridge! I do not think I have ever seen a train go across the Drop Acid, Not Bombz Bridge before. I did not think that trains *traversed* the Drop Acid, Not Bombz Bridge any more. The rails were shrieking! I don’t have a photooo of that train (because say what?) but this gas station is on the corner of Main and Miller and when you get here, you are almost at the farmer’s market.

First stop, coffee from @roosroast, one of our fave coffee purveyors. They tweet and instagram all the time and weeeee were once instagrammed by @roosroast in our tie-dyed t-shirts (and no, I do not like when my SO dresses like me. He has an identical twin and as far as I’m concerned *they* can dress alike.). But fun folks @roosroast and good coffee, even for coffee lightweights like yer fav-o-rite blahgger.

I love stacked squashes. I know, it doesn’t take much… >wink<

Normally, we have a snacky breakfast at the farmer’s market and I buy just enough produce that I can haul it back up the long slow hill leading back to the Landfill. And then we head back up the hill. Today we took a bit of a detour to check out this crane that’s been hanging out on Washington Street.

We watched until they lifted a cab up to the top of, well, I’m not sure what the correct terminology is, but here’s a pic…

We didn’t watch the entire crane-building process. We greatly enjoyed the cranes although we are not all that crazy about the reason for them, which is building yet another 14-story (or whatever) apartment complex with an underground parking lot. I understand the need for development but it seems to be rather willy-nilly in this small city. I don’t want to be a stick-in-the-mud but I don’t want my adopted city to change so much that I don’t recognize it.

Anyway, after a while we continued on homeward and my last photo is of the beautiful new “water feature” in West Park. Alas, if I have it right, this water feature and other “improvements” have apparently led to wet basements where basements didn’t used to get wet. Improvements to the improvements are ongoing.

After that chores and errands and more chores all day. Will we get the shed cleaned out tomorrow? We’ll see what we can get done tomorrow morning before the GG heads off to watch the Lions lose (and hopefully not get his my vee-hickle towed by the Dee-troit po-leese and their cronies).

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