I kind of hate this shed. It is an old tin thing and those are sliding doors — rusty old sliding doors that close only when they darn well feel like closing. When we first moved into this ratty old Landfill, a few months before the first beach urchin was born, we felt like we had hit pay-dirt. A three-bedroom house with a basement and an A-dition and a woods behind it and an elementary school behind *that*. And we could somehow afford it…

Downside? No garage. If you don’t have a garage, where do you put all of the lawnmowers and things? Well, there was a shed! At the time, the shed seemed like a bonus to me. I remember the previous owner telling us that kids used to go through the back yard, climb up on the shed, and jump down into the woods to get to school. That was okay with him (his kids probably participated when they went to Haisley) but when he caught some boyz peeing off the shed, he put an end to it.

We’ve been here for a long time now and I am over the shed. Besides the rustiness and the tinniness, it is one of those places that everybody jams stuff into in a willy-nilly fashion. And I do mean *everybody* because I cannot tell you how many acorns we swept outta there today. It gets to be a black hole, just like the Landfill Dungeon was for a while…

I can’t remember when the shed was last cleaned out. I remember cleaning it out the summer of 2006. The GG and I were arguing about a certain C family artifact, the Swastika Marina. It is a big bent up sheet of metal with a US Marine painted on it defaced by a spray-painted swastika. I have no idea where he found it. I want to get rid of it. He did not. I threatened him with, “Maybe you will die.” I did NOT mean that, just to be clear. It was the summer after my old coot died and it was a season of rather morbid humor with, of all people, his widow (aka The Commander) as the ring-leader.

Anyway, I have been hankering to get the shed cleaned out before winter. I can (and have) done it myself but I was hoping for some help this time. For one thing, I wanted help with the sclepping. I can schlep with the best of them but we have all been doing a *lot* of schlepping in the last year or so and I am just plain sick of it at this point. Also, I wanted to push for getting rid of certain things.

I approached the GG about cleaning out the shed with some trepidation. I had no idea whether or not he would be on board with it or not so I was pleasantly surprised when he readily agreed that it needed to be done. When? Hmmm, it was really too late yesterday to start that prodject (intentionally misspelled) and there was a guy-type trip to Day-Twa today to see the Lions lose (did the Lions lose?). The GG was leaving for Day-Twa at around nine this morning and we formed a fuzzy plan for getting things started before then with me finishing up after he left.

As it turned out, the GG swung into action this morning and hauled *everything* including the *three* lawnmowers out of the shed. We swept (and swept (and swept (and swept (and swept)))) (did I mention acorns?) and I managed to snag a small but significant number of items to throw in the trash or recycle. I did not manage to convince him to get rid of any lawnmowers. The Swastika Marine? Hmmm. He wasn’t in there. Did the GG already get rid of him? I dunno but I can’t help but wonder if he is stashed away somewhere down in the Landfill Dungeon…

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Yay for the GG and his hauling and cleaning. My husband is in a cleaning and organizing mode lately(as much as his health will handle) and not for good reasons. But it does help to Get Things Done!!