What’s a blahgger to do?

When she runs outta steam, that is? I suppose I don’t really have to post something *every* day. I’m sure that doing that is tooooo much for some people. I know that it can get to be too much for the GG. The only person who ever noticed when I missed a day was The Commander, until the last year or so when her life became so complicated that she couldn’t deal with her computer any more.

I remember one time a fair number of years ago when I didn’t post for a day. It wasn’t for lack of trying. 1) We had some kind of a Comcast issue. 2) There was no such thing as an iPhone. 3) The Plum Market (with its Zingerman’s cafe and free wifi) didn’t exist yet. I ended up missing a day (sorta, it was complicated, let’s just say I was *late*) and The Commander *called* me to make sure everything was all right! I don’t think there is anybody around today who would actually *call* me (or text or email or facebook or whatever) if I missed a day. More likely, they’ll be thinking something like, “Whew!”

So, what can I talk about when I don’t really have anything to say? Well, there’s the warm *rain* I walked in this morning. Do you know how good it feels to have sustained rain after months and months of very occasional little dribbly five-minute rain storms? Today’s warm temperatures (50s) and calm winds were a bonus.

And there’s the photo that I point-and-shot with my iPhone on Sunday, walking in the Barton Dam park with Lizard Breath. Colors are starting to change here. LB came back to the Landfill with me, dispensed with the contents of a whole box of old middle school papers, etc., and had dinner with us. And a ‘hattan (she wasn’t driving). After so many years of living a five hour plane ride away from LB, it’s kind of nice to have her around the area. And she is even an active participant in my long-term flinging prodject (intentionally misspelled). Hee. I remember the first time we fed her a ‘hattan. She was not quite 20 and we were at Houghton Lake on Labor Day weekend and she was leaving for study abroad in Spain a couple weeks after. As I remember it, she was *not* impressed >wink< You do have to grow into ‘hattans, in my experience.

Things I don’t have the energy to talk about today are: 1) politics (can’t wait for this election season to be OVER), 2) pluses and minuses of my life this fall vs. last fall 3) full moon dream craziness (oh never mind, we won’t go there).

2 Responses to “What’s a blahgger to do?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You don’t have to blog every day; that’s an expectation you put on myself. (I’m an expert at those!) Just tell us about life when you have the chance, or if it helps you force yourself to write, blog more. I love reading it!! We NEED rain here! I can’t believe I’m writing that.

  2. isa Says:

    I notice if you don’t write every day! But you don’t have to 🙂