Down off that ledge again…

You know I am not gonna stop blahgging every day. Margaret is right that I am the only person who cares if I blahg every day (and I do know that Isa also notices whether or not I blahg). It can be a challenge though. It’s always been a writing challenge. Although I don’t fancy myself to be a real writer. I just play one on those ‘tubes. Back in the early days, sometimes there was also a technology challenge but it’s been a looonnnng time since I have had to warp my brain to deal with a tech challenge, even on Lopez Island.

I dunno. The last couple of years have been a slog. This year, I reached an employment milestone that granted me an extra week of vacation. For the most part (traveling to Lopez Island being a wonderful exception), I have spent every vacation day I have taken dealing with some sort of business: legal crap, schlepping stuff out of The Comm’s house to various places*, and cleaning The Comm’s house (more of that to come). And then there’s the moomincabin. And my own flinging prodject here at the Landfill. I’m just taaaarrred and that got me out onto a bit of a psychological ledge yesterday…

Let’s be clear here. I am OKAY! I am pretty sure I know exactly why I got out on that ledge and I know how to talk myself down from that position. Number one thing? For me anyway… Not enough *exercise*! Kee-reist!!! I still do my 0-skunk-30 walk *every* morning (except for the rare day that the weather is doing one of the four things I won’t walk in). But I have been bagging my lunch walk for a while now. I dunno why because I certainly have the physical energy to do it. And it has been a while since I have done any “cross-training” (aka kayaking or xc skiing). So, I re-scheduled my lunch walk to mid-afternoon when my brain needs a re-a-start anyway. One mile. It’ll have to do. After two days of that, I am already feeling better. And (ulp) maybe I will (ulp) join the yoga group at work. They are all old bags too. It isn’t hot yoga. And we just have to walk over to the next building. I can do it. Roight?

I don’t think I have any kind of serious mood disorder. When I was young, I sometimes experienced periods of time when I felt sad, etc. But I have never had any trouble getting out of bed in the morning and I don’t now. And I have learned that I can get through the bad days because usually (and that is a big usually) life will get better again, at least for a while.

* Again, the GG did MOST of the heavy schlepping and I do not have the words to thank him for that. The Comm loved the GG and in the last years of her life, I think she preferred him to me. I’m not sure how I could have married anyone better. Love you buddy.

2 Responses to “Down off that ledge again…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love your daily blogging; don’t get me wrong! I just don’t want it to be more pressure for you! Glad you’re already feeling better. I don’t do yoga, but many people swear by it. (I feel stupid and uncoordinated every time I try it!) You need a real vacation. So do I possibly, but I won’t get one. I could blog again tonight too but had a lousy day and am still processing it.

  2. DogMomster Says:

    I loved the yoga class Jim & I did through the GB Community Ed program, but once that ended, I stopped. There’s a yoga place or two around here, but that means going there WITHOUT a buddy. And, while I’ve discovered I’m not terribly shy, I kinda like having an exercise buddy going IN to something.