Quintupling down

I have come to hate the phrase “doubling down” in the last few months. I do not really understand it. I can only guess (via wiki) that it somehow comes from the game of chance called Blackjack. I have not played Blackjack since I was about 13 and when we played it, we played with poker chips and, believe me there was no cash backing those chips. My dad used to give me a roll or two of pennies to play poker on the band bus but that’s a whole ‘nother story… And no, it was not strip poker.

I was never any good at Blackjack or any other game of chance. I *was* good at a totally brainless card game called “Spit”, which I could not describe if I tried but the key to success was to be fast. I am fast. Sometimes too fast. I am lucky I didn’t injure my “flute fingers” playing Spit. Oh well.

So, I don’t really understand what “doubling-down” means. I don’t understand Wikipee’s Blackjack description and I *totally* don’t understand how and why our political candidates seem to be using it. But then there are a lot of other vague terms that are being bandied about: vouchers, small business, middle class, trickle-down [anything], my fave “job creator” (what?) and a whole bunch of terms related to the latest fad in education, which seems to be letting big business executives take over our public schools. We’ll go there some other day. Define these terms for me, please Mr. Politician. I am a systems analyst. I need details. What the hell do you mean by the phrase “double down”? What are you going to change? Have you thought through what this will do to *all* of your constituents? Even those who do not have a voice? What will be the unintended consequences? Hmmm?

Me? I am going to create my own daffynition of “doubling down” (and kicking it up a few notches to “quintupling-down”). I am tentatively going forth into a new episode of flinging my sewing “stuff” (the fifth or whatever). How the heck did I accumulate so much? The photooo is just a small sampling of my sewing notions. I haven’t yet counted how many rulers are in that basket. Or scissors. Or zippers or tape measures. I am slowly sorting this stuff out.

Seamstresses, quilters, and fiber artists? I have thread here and a few zippers and some other stuff. If you need anything, check with me before hitting the fabric store. Mouse, I am mainly looking at you, since you are in the same town as me.

In my sorting process today, I found a long-lost but beloved pair of earrings. Long story and they need cleaning. My silver polish is around here somewhere and I’ll find it eventually but I am mostly happy that I seem to have re-a-started my de-acquisitioning prodject.

One Response to “Quintupling down”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t know either. I would like plain speaking and realistic plans. And MORE TRUTH TELLING.