Waiting for departure at gate 46-84

Yeah, it’s kind of fuzzy. We’ll just call it an “action picture”.

I loved how the day started… We met up with the Mean Old Grunchie Old Grinchie at one of the casinos (of all places) for breakfast. I have never been to one of the Bay Mills Reservation casinos but the restaurant at this one (Sacy’s) lived up to its reputation. It was early enough when we got there that we could pretty much pick out our table and we chose one out where we could look at the Back Bay. I doubt I’ll ever go to the casino there but I will definitely return to Sacy’s.

We got out a bit later than we I wanted to but it isn’t a good idea to rush closing up a northwoods cabin for the winter and then there are all of the people that I wanted to connect with this weekend and didn’t end up having time to (and I HAD to take a beach walk). But. I hadn’t managed to meet up with The Beautiful Jan and so, when we saw her car down there at Jeep and Pan’s, we stopped dead in the middle of the two-track cabin road. Grinch was already out for the day and we figgered if George or Kev needed to get out, they would recognize our trashmobile and come and harass us to move it outta the way.

Too short a visit with Jeep and Pan and then we were on the road… With intermittent HEAVY rain all the way from the yooperland to Houghton Lake. The GG was actually enjoying those driving conditions, even though at times you could hardly see the vee-hickle in front of you. We stopped at HL for a bit, where there is some kind of problem with a furnace peripheral. We were not much help about that. I was chompin’ at the bit to get down the road. I did greatly enjoy learning about our great niece’s LeapPad (I mindlessly called it a “LeapFrog” and was quickly CORRECTED!! You go, Christina! 🙂

Back on the road after that. More heavy rain for a while and then we dodged severe storms and a huge jaffic tram. We were south of West Branch when annh annh annh – the emergency broadcast system came on. It was a good thing I had my seatbelt on because it would’ve jolted me out of my seat otherwise. I do not think I have heard the emergency broadcast system since the Dexter Tornado last March!

So, we are back on The Planet Ann Arbor after closing up the moomincabin for the winter this weekend. It’s always sad to close that place up and it was different this year, since The Commander is no longer around. I don’t have any kind of closure to report here. We have been schlepping stuff around for many many moons now and we have schlepped more of it down here this weekend. I hope that The Comm is happy with what I’ve done with her stuff. Her plants are alive and thriving, even that big one that is currently in MY HOUSE!

In the old days, I remember that we would put the sailboat (and later kayaks) into the living room. The Comm once kvetched about having a big garage but it is a great place for storing boats and things. I can’t complain.

3 Responses to “Waiting for departure at gate 46-84”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Transitions are always hard and summer/fall going into winter is one of the hardest, I think. Glad for no boats inside the cabin!! 🙂

  2. l4827 Says:

    Glad you made it down safely in the rain. We followed you down — about two hours behind — in the rain as well (after a Three Lakes fall leaf tour). Our cabin closing, water shut down, storm windows, neighbor visits, et all will be soon. Closing IS hard, but opening in Spring always much anticipated.

    Our niece, Ana, is her high school’s homecoming queen!! We’re excited for and proud of her.

    Go Tigers, Lions, and Wolverines!

  3. Tonya Watkins Says:

    I remember my folks would “close down” their trailer on Camano Island (before they had their house built) and it was always so sad. We haven’t done that with our Harstine trailer — we do turn off the utilities (except power) when we leave each time, and thankfully we haven’t had to deal with ruptured pipes or anything. It doesn’t get nearly as cold here as it does in “Siberia,” but it CAN get very cold — for short durations. Last year the big issue was the ice storm that caused a lot of downed trees and road blockage in the area. And, we’ve had lengthy power outages that meant we had to dump all the condiments in the fridge (and whatever frozen veggie that might have been left in the freezer). But, there are weekends that we enjoy spending there in the winter months. Even if it’s yucky, it’s still “outa Dodge.” And sometimes it’s beautiful.

    This year will be quite different, I’m thinking. Construction on our house begins around the 1st of November. We’ll likely be down there A LOT.