The moomincabin is closed down now [except for the wi-fi <wink>] and I have garbage bags and grocery bags and boxes and laundry baskets and what-not all over the Landfill Front Room. The GG asked me if I wanted help moving them down to the Landfill Dungeon. NO WAY!!! I FINALLY got my Sewing Table cleared off a mere weekend ago. I do NOT want to throw a whole bunch of crap down there again. Besides, if it’s all dumped in the front room, it will drive me nuts and I will triage it a lot faster.

And what a mixed bag of cosmic debris. Stuff from the garage, mostly fabric and stuff like that. The last of the food that was left behind. Oh crap, I think I left a canister of flour up there. A huuuuuge cylinder of Quaker Oats. I was grumping and kvetching around, “who would buy that? I don’t think it even got touched all summer.” Grumpity grump. On the warpath. The GG talked me down off the ledge. It came from The Commander’s house. It has an expiration of July 2012. Technically that expiration date gives me an excuse to throw it out although I’m sure it’s probably fine. The funny thing about that big container of oatmeal is that The Comm spent the last 10 months of her life complaining vociferously to anyone who would listen (usually me, sigh…) about how much she HATED oatmeal.

Cleaning supplies anyone? We can haz them. Tons of them. Storing liquids in a place that can get down to well below zero in the winter is probably not advised so I brought all that stuff down to the Landfill (some of it has probably been getting schlepped back and forth between the moomincabin and The Comm’s house for years now). I am trying to absorb it all into my own collection of cleaning stuff. Some is stuff I use all the time (i.e., I probably bought it). Other stuff, not so much. I doubt that the place is totally utterly absolutely cleaned out of that kind of stuff but progress was made. Hopefully we will start out s-l-o-w-l-y on buying *stuff* for the moomincabin next spring. We’ll talk about the huge abundance of kitchen utensils some other time…

This morning was kind of a disaster. I was out the door on time but I got about 3/16ths of the way to work and through five (count ’em) stoplights when I realized that I was in wardrobe failure mode. I mean, I was dressed but I was wearing a polartech jacket over a *tank top* and I had forgotten the cardigan sweater I had chosen to wear over the tank top when I got to work. Tank top? In my mind, that’s not bizcaz. And I would be cold. But I knew that if I wore the polartech jacket all day long, I would be hot. “Hot” meaning, “I am dying of heat”, not “I am a hot chick”. So I went back home… Through all those stoplights… etc…. I told the boyz (FZ and W1.5) about the wardrobe failure but I didn’t explain it in detail. I did tell the girlz the details and of course they got it. (Do not get me wrong, the boyz and the girlz here are all baggy old people. We are friends and we are respectful of each other and work together without any strife.)

So today started out a bit iffy. But. My goal was to deal with one bag / box / whatever a day this week. This afternoon, I think I did about four grocery bags and a laundry basket. Yay me!!!

3 Responses to “Schleppity-shloop”

  1. Marquis Says:

    Nice photo!

  2. Margaret Says:

    Photographic loveliness. I haven’t worn a tank top in decades. I’m amazed by you! 🙂

  3. Pooh Says:

    The photo was my favorite of the bunch on FB. I’d guess that though the Comm hated oafmeal, a big box of it was perfect for making COOKIES!