Yuck. (Don’t read this if you are faint at heart)

Seriously, do not read this is if you are faint at heart.

Early this afternoon, a city utility crew ventured into a “ditch” over on Plymouth Road. They were looking for a fire hydrant. What they found was a crashed car and a not-very-recently-dead body. As in, they couldn’t initially tell if the body was male or female. Full details are not available yet but it was a 29-year-old man. A year older than my daughter. I am wondering who he was. Apparently, he drove his car off the road into a ditch and had the terrible luck to end up in a situation where no one could see him. For I dunno how long. It sounds like he maybe (?) crawled out of his car. He must have had a cell phone. Why didn’t he use it to dial 911. Was his cell phone still in the car? Mine probably would be. But maybe he couldn’t get back into his car to get his phone… I don’t wear my cell phone when I drive. Maybe I will start.

So, who has been missing this young man? Did his parents (I may be wrong but I’m gonna guess he didn’t have a wife or children) report that he was missing? I am obnoxious with my kids. Please lemme know when you get wherever. [They also ask me to report safe arrival.] This is why. When you are 29 (or 50-something), you are allowed to live your own life but people do still care about you. I spent a lot of years driving back and forth from college to the Yooperland in sometimes absolutely horrible conditions, snow and black ice and whatever. We did not have cell phones in those days and, if we wanted to call our parents from the road, we relied on pay phones at Amoco stations or wherever, which sometimes worked but often did not. I think that’s one reason I still hate telephones so much. It is easier now that we all have iPhones. Sort of… In the last years of The Comm’s life, she still wanted us to call when we got home safely. As obnoxious as that was, she really wanted to know that we were still alive. Anything to the contrary would be be devastating.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Awful to think of what he went through, if he had the time to crawl out of his car. Freezing to death is supposed to be an easier way to go than many. I’m wondering how he didn’t get reported missing by SOMEONE. Keep us posted.