Apocalypse morning

Seems like every October there comes a morning like this one when the sun contemplates whether or not it wants to bother to make an appearance. I was up early and walked in rain, wind, and dark. It was garbage/recycle/compost day and a bottle collector was making his way down my street with a garbage bag slung over his shoulder, checking the bins for returnables. When I returned to The Landfill, it was still pitch black and I was soaked through to the skin. Yes I had an umbrella but it was of marginal help in the wind.

It was so black I had to use my iPhone flashlight to locate matching work clothes without disturbing the GG, still dead to the world. A parade of garbage trucks, lights flashing, mechanical arms in motion, broke the spell for me. Life was obviously going on and I went off to work. Still, our parking lot was sparsely populated and people straggled into work in various states of stupefaction mumbling about zombies and things.

I am not upset by dark mornings like this. We have had a lot of bright, HOT, dry, sunny days in the last six months, including a good bit of Indian Summer this week and I kind of enjoy a good old dark, rainy October morning. I’m not sure I can say that my work day ever totally revved up into anything more than TGIF but I did get a lot of pickity ancillary work done and the sun eventually rose although it didn’t bother to show its face until the late afternoon when I was walking downtown…

…to the Oscar Tango, where I ran into Trogdor the Burninator and let me just say I wish he had been talking about trailers tonight because I was not at all up for any buzness bizness convo tonight.

It may have been apocalyptically dark this morning but we’ll be back on Eastern Standard Time in a little over a week and then we will have a bit more light in the mornings, for a while at least, although I will be seeing the sun starting to set as I drive home from work. By December I will be used to dark in the morning and late afternoon and I will be loving it. That’s why we have Christmas lights.

After dinner at the OT we walked down Main Street past The Ark and I think we bought tickets to go see Arlo Guthrie there this coming Tuesday! I think it was my idea. I hate going to concerts. What could I have been thinking… [wink]

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