Pushme Pullyu on a No Politics weekend

Lemme see… I thought it was gonna be one of those not-very-satisfying days of pickity little tasks and prodjects (intentionally misspelled). Instead, I am somehow feeling as though I actually accomplished something.

Landfill Chitchen? Two grokkery bags full of extra canned goods and other non-perishables ready for donation. Clean refrigerator. Also cleaned much of the chitchen.

Moomincabin… Dumped all of the 30-year-old herbs / spices and washed the containers. Okay, not all of that stuff was that old but most of it has been around for a while, surviving many a winter of 20-below zero temperatures. Some would say that was a wasteful thing to do. Others would say that herbs and spices and things are better the “fresher” they are. Not that they are all that “fresh” if you buy them pre-packaged at the grokkery store. For whatever it’s worth (and that’s probably not much), I am in a minimalist mood about herbs and spices. How long have I had that allspice and how many times in five years does someone actually use a half-teaspoon of it? Also, nobody around here is demanding spaghettios shi-shows every five minutes any more, so I have gotten just snobby enough about food that I prefer to use fresh herbs (I mean with leaves and whatnot) when I can. I have a rosemary bush (tree? what?) and basil plants were one of my few gardening successes over the summer and I can also get that stuff at the grokkery store. It was time to regroup and rethink the herb / spice situation at the moomincabin and so I did, contemplating it all while washing the containers…

Besides all that, Halloween is next week and that means The Holiday Season will be upon us before I can spin around about three times. And *that* means it is time to do a serious refrigerator cleanout. I did that today and I have already cleaned the oven. I will probably do both of those things again. It’s not like we entertain a lot during the holidays. I work and this year I have am almost out of paid time off already so… Still, stress-free holidays do not include dredging into the depths of the refrigerator for ingredients.

On down into the Landfill Dungeon… Dun dun dun… If you are one of my five readers, you may remember that I posted a photooo of this table largely empty except for a couple of baskets. And then… I hauled a whole bunch of crap dining / kitchen utensils down from the moomincabin (and The Commander’s house) and here it is in its full glory. This stuff is really hard to sort out. I don’t really think we need six spreaders but I waver on which of those six to donate (if no one else wants them, that is…). Knives… We have a shit-ton of kniffies. Kniffies are hard to get rid of, in part because *everyone* has their own special kniffie and I do NOT want to get rid of the one kniffie that somebody always counted on being there. I know this from experience. There is one kniffie at the Houghton Lake Group Home that I love beyond distraction. It’s just a crappy old cheap kniffie, nothing special. But I have been using it forever, since before the new place was built and although not everybody puts it away in the same place, I always find it eventually.

I was thinking about knives and herb / spice containers and I came up with an epiphany. I won’t bore you with the details but I think I know what I want for Christmas. Me, the woman who has everything, and I really do. I am so blessed in my life that I have more stuff than I need. I do not need anything more. But sometimes I want to reorganize things and I may need some help with this one 🙂

And so, I was down there in the dungeon and Rooomba was running and I heard her sing her sad song. What? I galumphed up the stairs and it turned out that *Froggy* had knocked his tripod over and poor little Roooomba got stuck trying to traverse him and his tripod…

My big success today is that more stuff went out than came in. Or was at least staged to go out. And as much as I love to drive, I did not drive my beloved Ninja or any other automotive vee-hickle anywhere today. I think that was a win.

2 Responses to “Pushme Pullyu on a No Politics weekend”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I didn’t get much done, maybe tomorrow. It’s been VERY rainy which has forced me inside. (where I’ve done little but go get my hair cut/colored and run a few errands) I’m a little like a caged bear when I’m inside too much. 😉

  2. Pooh Says:

    We did our emergency mode move of EVERYTHING from most of the basement to the other bit of the basement and the garage. Since it was an emergency, we did very little sorting and flinging. The plumbers came in and did their work, and it looks wonderful. (In a new concrete/old concrete sort of way.) Now, I would really like to wash the walls and repaint the walls and maybe even the floor before we move stuff back in. Also, as we move stuff back, I would like to actually look at it and fling and sort and organize. This seems like a good Holiday project, since a lot of the stuff is the boyz of noise’ stuff, and I won’t be in FULL-TIME teacher mode. This weekend’s goal, though, is get out of the house. The plumbers reinstalled the washer and dryer, and I’m content to leave the rest where it’s stuffed.