Reduplicatively mingly-mangly (not to mention outright grumpy and cranky)

I wish I could say it wasn’t so but it is. I don’t even like myself at this moment. The twinz of terror turned on the boob toob and that was okay with me because I needed some kind of ambient noise. Except that the toob was tuned into a benefit thingy (for New York? I think…) and this horrendously terrible horrible young woman was caterwauling away in that pseudo-yodeling style I used to hear on a horrible old show called Star Search 90. I like *real* yodeling, do not get me wrong. Star Search 90 was on such a long time ago (1990, roight?) that I can’t believe people still think it is “cool” to caterwaul like that. And yes, I “watched” Star Search 90. It went something like this. Back in the day, some cable station that we got would play old Star Trek shows on Sunday evenings while I was making dinner. Lizard Breath would usually be sitting at the end of the counter drawing or something and Mouse would be scurrying around getting Mousey new “air bottles” or whatever. I have never been a Trekkie but I loved having Star Trek on as ambient noise. One day… I turned on the TV at 6:00 on a Sunday evening and STAR TREK WAS NOT ON!!!! It had been replaced by Star 90. Star Trek, Star Search 90? Maybe they thought nobody would notice? Roight. Of all things, either because I was too lazy to look for a new ambient TV show or couldn’t *find* one, Star Search 90 became the new Sunday evening dinner-making background show, caterwauling and all. Until life moved on into the next phase and eventually into a virtually TV-free phase. Except for evenings like tonight.

It’s okay, I am just taaarred. Drove up here to the Group Home at HL after work today. I have grown to *hate* driving up here at that time. I spent most of the afternoon in a horse-trading session with a mish-mash of developers and other stake-holders. Er, that would be *software* developers, not real-estate developers. There is a big difference. Then, even though I left work early, traffic was *awful* on the way home. And I had to do a little bit of last-minute scrambling to finish the last smidgen of packing I had left. And then there was the whole drive north. I am getting really sick of the I75 SUV Speedway and we were driving the Trashmobile. Or the GG was driving the Trashmobile. I finished the Friday xword and played some Plants and Zombies, which is a new game for me (so far, it’s not too bad, kind of uses a similar combo of speed and reflexes as the old Spit card game). And. I have work to do this weekend. I mean work work, not domestic goddess work, although I’ll certainly do some of that too. I am not complaining. It’s rare that I have to work extra hours to get my job done but we are currently in a bit of a mini-crunch and, anyway, if I don’t *finish* my work, I will be thinking about it all weekend and having processing dreams.

By the way, somebody on LinkedIn has “endorsed” me for “skill & expertise” because I know how to use Visio? Yeah well, Visio is definitely in my little bag of tricks. But not sure how I came to be “endorsed” for it. I do not understand LinkedIn. Do people *really* find employment via LinkedIn connections? A few years back, I was at a user experience conference and I was in a “social media” session led by a couple of women from a local company that’s regarded as “cutting edge” when it comes to user experience design. Social media? One of these gals made the rather dubious statement that “24-year-olds would be on LinkedIn because they would be looking for jobs”. Oh really? Maybe… I texted California. “Are you on LinkedIn?” “No”, replied the then-24-year-old [employed]. Oh, I am sure that there are *many* 24-year-olds on LinkedIn. I get annoyed when people, especially those who are regarded as experts, make random uninformed statements – all [demographic group] does [a thing] (or whatever). No. I like to fact-check when I hear stuff like that. Oh gooooogle? Yes, I can be annoying. But yes, I have some expertise in Visio. I certainly do not know it all but, if I don’t know it, I can usually figure it out.

Anyway, I can hardly keep my eyes open at this point.

Babblety-gabblety, rambly-grumbly, sleep tight,
Kayak Woman

One Response to “Reduplicatively mingly-mangly (not to mention outright grumpy and cranky)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    STAR TREK as ambient noise? You have just offended this Trekker! 😉 I’m way more of a NG fan though. My husband likes both the original and NG. Neither one of us could get into the spin offs. Hope you’re now in bed!