Sensitive New Age guy

Okay, being a sensitive new age guy is not equivalent to emulating your grandmother, no matter how wonderful she was and how much you loved her. That is about all I am gonna say about that and no this is not a polly-tickal post.

It is a little after six PM and we got home a little more than an hour ago and between then and now, I have unpacked, walked over to the Plum Market and started dinner. A coq au vin that I got from my cuzzint Pooh about a gazillion years ago, which may mean that it originally came from My Dear Uncle Harry, who is the chief cook and bottle washer at his household. Or it may not. Anyway, it is good and it is simple enough that I can get it started and hang out with y’all while it cooks.

What a gorgeous day! We moseyed on over to my new fave Houghton Lake breakfast spot, Little Boots. I got my usual, which is the Gunslinger Quesadilla. It comes in three pieces and I *always* eat two of them and get a box for the third, which I heat up on Monday morning. I love Cheerios but I can’t eat them *every* day (oatmeal either, I’m working on that…).

And then we headed up to hike the Beaver Creek foot trail. It was cold enough starting out that my little knit glubs were actually not quite enough. But I knew I would warm up and I did and then THE SUN CAME OUT! And the red pines became even more beautiful.

By the time we got back to the Group Home, the sun was dazzling. A penetrating cold persisted but still, I didn’t want to leave. Houghton Lake (and all of my CFam in-laws) has been a haven for me over the last few years when The Commander began to have difficulties. When I go to Houghton Lake, I am not [usually] schlepping boxes of cosmic debris around, loading them in and out of trailers, or sorting the contents. My in-laws are fun and they didn’t know me when I was a bratty little kid or an angsty teenager so that’s a whole part of my life I don’t have to think about.

I drove home today and we took a lot of “back roads”. Old 55 to West Branch and then 13 down through Alger and Sterling and Pinconning and Kawkawlin, which is where we hit the frickin’ I75 SUV Speedway again. I love driving the old roads if there’s time to do so. And it seemed like there was today. And we now have standard time, which means it is light in the morning (for a while) but not in the evening. I am okay with that. It is what it is. Being outside as much as I am makes it easier.

Love y’all,
Kayak Woman.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I hate, hate, hate the time changes. I think we should just leave it alone. The light in the morning only lasts for a while, but it will get dark SO early now. Bad for my run. I must have missed something because I didn’t get the grandmother reference. ?