Cat fight.

It was a real cat fight. I was walking down by WWWD’s house at 0-skunk-30 this morning and two aminals shot out into the street in front of me howling away. They were not skunks. Whew. (Skunks do not move that fast.) I tweeted, “Cat fight.” On any other day it would’ve been a throwaway tweet. Cat fight. So what. This morning, I wondered if any of my “followers” would interpret that to be a comment on the election. And so my wonderful daughter Lizard Breath did. Although she also knows me well enough that she knew there was an *actual* cat fight. Her sense of humor is not identical to mine but it is pretty close.

Yes. This election went my way for the most part. And since I am fortunate enough to work with a team who mostly (but not totally) shares my opinions, there were none of those awful water cooler conversations. Truth be told, there was maybe three minutes of very respectful polly-tickal talk this morning (i.e., I like you but I don’t know who/what you support so I will shut up now) and then people were back into video games. I mean, my boss is capable of expounding upon Bender for a half hour or so. Make no mistake, he knows what he is doing when it comes to our product.

Am I ecstatic about the election? No I am not. I am relieved that it’s over! I am relieved that a candidate that I could not support didn’t win the presidency and I am relieved that a party that I don’t recognize any more lost some ground. (Take a note GOP, misogynist old white males without any basic knowledge of biology talking about rape turn most women off.) I think that our country has some serious issues to sort out but I have no idea how to start those conversations. I hope our newly elected officials will work together on this stuff but I don’t have much hope that they will. My thoughts on this are way too complicated to write about today, so I will not go there. I voted for Obama (again) and I like Obama but I am not feeling ecstatic about the next four years.

People yesterday remembered those old ka-chunk voting booths. I kind of miss those things. You went inside the booth and closed the curtain and pulled the levers down for your candidates and your munchkins hung out down by your feet, fascinated by all of the levers and stuff. Then, when you were done voting, you pulled a big lever that opened the curtain. I remember going with The Commander to vote (usually Republican in those days, although she switched at some point and was Obama all the way in 2008). Lizard Breath remembers going with me to Haisley when they still used those things. My only question is, was I wearing my clip-clop shoes? [wink]

2 Responses to “Cat fight.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Oh, I loved those voting booths too!! They were so atmospheric. 🙂 We weren’t all on the same page about the election at school or even at home, so I’ve kept my mouth mainly shut. (except to tell my husband that his candidate, Gary Johnson, didn’t win)

  2. Pooh Says:

    If Liz was in the curtained booth with you, then presumably that’s what I used when I turned 18 and voted. I know Missouri used the punch cards when we moved here. (Yes, the infamous “hanging chad” punch cards.) Although I think the problem in Florida was not just the punch cards, but the layout of the ballot on top of the punch cards.