And boy oh boy, does life go on…

Okay, I met up with MMCB at Barry’s this morning and we went through all of the usual conversational gyrations. Who / what we voted for and what our voting experience was like. Our family stuff. Her mom’s condo (in Fla) is [hopefully] selling, my mom’s house (in Sault Ste. Siberia) is still up for sale. (I am not surprised by that.) Her son is doing well and so are my kids. She knows what her son is doing every minute. I don’t know what my daughters are doing every minute. We are both happy with our arrangements with our children.

As we walked out the door, we discussed when we could meet next. MMCB said something like, “I am going to [insert exotic place here] next week and the next week is Thanksgiving.” Uuuhhhh…. The next week is Thanksgiving. The next week is Thanksgiving. The next week is Thanksgiving. The next week is Thanksgiving.

Saaaayyy what!?! My eyes opened wide and my jaw dropped about two feet. Yes. Thanksgiving is in two weeks.

Now… Not that we have any great plans for turkey day. I think we have done something different for turkey day every year that we have spent it together. I am happy with a small celebration at home with a faaarrr in the faaarrplace and whatever. MMCB’s statement that turkey day is in two weeks got me mobilized though. Whatever we end up doing for turkey day and whether or not there are guests any time during that weekend, it is time to deep-clean and de-rodent (again) the Landfill. Make no mistake, I will be doing all that mostly for my own peace of mind, not to impress anyone who may drop in over Thanksgiving weekend. And please do drop in if you can! Deep-cleaning will interrupt my de-hoarding activities for a while. I hope I am up to that. I am missing the months of September and October when I got a lot done…

4 Responses to “And boy oh boy, does life go on…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Hard to believe!! It’s early this year.

  2. Jay Says:

    I’ll come by!
    Well, I suppose that is not very likely after all.
    We are going as orphans to a friends house. But since there are two of us, not quite by ourself (as in singular).
    We have spent many non-traditional (not with others) Thanksgivings since the kids left. Ashlan gave us Canadian Thanksgiving, but we missed that this year as well.

  3. Pooh Says:

    Yup. Only 2 weeks. I was laying out next week in the planner, and flipped to the next page, YIKES, only two days until t-day break! (Our school has Wednesday off, too, so you can go over the river and through the woods, etc.) So, seven days to go, and we wanted to have most of our museum set up by then. Explorers’ portraits to paint, a sunken skip to build, an interactive map of the world to create, explanatory labels to write, oh my!

  4. UU Says:

    Mae Elizabeth will be in town that Wed, Thu & Fri.
    She may come to Gaylord over the weekend.
    Hopefully she can get to meet people at some point.