Six degrees of separation (or in this case, more like one degree)

Who knew? I was thunderstruck when my cousin The Beautiful Jan commented that she knew my [step]grandmother Bolette’s niece in college. I won’t go into too much detail here but there is a chance that I may be able to return Ellen Jensen’s handwork to her family. I hope that happens. I have to admit that my first reaction was panic (that’s my modus operandi — I need thinking time). I wanna keep these beautiful things. But I talked myself down off that ledge. Why do I want to keep them? They *are* beautiful but I probably won’t use them and there’s no point in keeping them in a box forever and ever. They have been in a box for many years as it is. And they rightly belong to the Jensen family, not the MacMullan family (of which I am a member), no matter how much I loved my step-grandmother (cue violins here). And it would be one more thing off of my plate. So here’s hoping. (And Jan, if my email this afternoon came up red, this is a [greatly] expanded version of what I wrote.)

And now, in addition to cooking dinner (eggplant parm, etc.), I have to figger out how I am gonna dress up with “flair” tomorrow. It seems to be spirit week at work. Kinda like middle school. My kids never really participated in spirit week, that I know of. One of them went to an alternative middle school where you could dress pretty much however you wanted to *every* day. The other was forced to tolerate a “traditional” middle school and I’m sure there were spirit-type weeks there but if she participated in them I never knew about it.

I failed on the Monday theme, which was “who is your hero?”. I do not have any heroes. I had a serious crush on Mighty Mouse when I was three and I’m sure that I could’ve found a Mighty Mouse t-shirt somewhere online but even a spendthrift like me isn’t gonna buy a Mighty Mouse t-shirt that would be worn *once*. There are real-life people that I regard as semi-heroes but they all have flaws. Like I do.

Tomorrow? Flair? I was grumbling about that but I think that’s one theme that I might actually be able to do… Where is that tiara? And where are those golden fairy wings? Hmmm…. Er, actually, we were all talking over the wall about this and one co-worker said something like I *was* “flair” just by being me. I don’t know if I agree with that but… DAZ!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    You will need to post a photo of your “costume!” It’s eerie how connected we are to others without even realizing it.