The perils of being a small-time blahgger

You are going along blathering away and although you know you have your regular five readers you don’t get very many comments and you don’t really care because, oh, I dunno, you are just blathering away. For one thing, you aren’t trying to make money at blahgging and most people don’t unless they sell out to a “sponsor” or whatever. I am certainly not trying to make money at blahgging. This blahg had *very* humble beginnings and it has never had any kind of aspirations to be somebody like, well, Dooce, for example. Well. Except when Froggy takes it over… He may have some aspirations…

Where was I? I wish for culture change, not more laws, rules, and regulations. I wish that our culture allowed for women *and* men to be able to take enough time off work to be able to bond (yes) with newborn babies and go on to be able to raise their children and take care of their elderly parents when they are dying. I have been lucky on both ends. When I had my first baby, the company I worked for created a part-time job for me and allowed me to arrange my hours around the GG’s. When my mother was dying, the company I work for now gave me the flexibility to work remotely.

So I have worked hard in my life but I have had a few breaks. I wish for a few breaks for every hard-working mother (and father). I think there are a few people who want a free ride from the government. I think most of us want to work and make our own way. I will not look down on those who are trying to do that but have been laid off or whatever…

As I wrangled my way home through traffic tonight and walked over to the Plum Market (in the dark) to scramble something for dinner, I thought I should really throw old Romney a bone. He seemed proud at one point that a woman who worked for him could get home in time to make dinner. I am not a Romney fan (as y’all know) but, although his remark was widely disparated by oh, y’know, people like me, it is a good thing if *somebody* can get home in time to cook dinner. Mom or Dad for the most part. Our society needs to work on that.

Oh, my god, the GG is gonna make me listen to Iris Dement[ed]. Mrrryeeeooowwwwl! I am kidding! Iris is wonderful! (In small doses ;-))

Love y’all (and I mean y’all),

P.S. In the cold clear light of day, I realize that I never actually identified the “perils” mentioned in the title. In this case, it is when I have blathered away incoherently and somebody actually makes an intelligent comment and I have to go back and *read* whatever I have dumped out of my brain and think about it from a new angle. Does it make sense? What was I trying to say? What about this comment?

5 Responses to “The perils of being a small-time blahgger”

  1. Sam Says:

    Love ya back, KW.

  2. elizabeth carter Says:

    Anne, I like your whimsical wishing, do not read your blog every day but I like it every time I do. Its something interesting and novel,(did I get that right?)

  3. Margaret Says:

    I read your blog every day, but I’ve given up on Dooce. I lost interest in her about a year ago. She’s trying too hard, whereas you are being yourself. Obviously, I prefer the latter. 🙂

  4. Tonya Watkins Says:

    I remember when I was pregnant with Nate, the owners of the company I worked for had no previous experience with anybody taking maternity leave. They said that if I took more than 8 weeks, they would replace me. (Don’t think the laws would allow that now, but back in 1986 apparently so.) So, I got 8 weeks. Without pay, of course. I couldn’t afford any more than that, but man. I sure wished I could have had a little bit more time before handing over my 2 month-old baby to daycare. And having to wean him beforehand because there was no way, no how that that company would have tolerated me taking time away from work to pump breast milk.

    26 years later? I’d LOVE to be able to take off work early next Wednesday so I could HANDLE THANKSGIVING, but my workload just won’t allow that.

    I need a wife.

  5. Jay Says:

    Most of our new dads are taking time off when they have new borns now. (We have not had a new mother in quite a while.) When I had Ashlan, at this job, I took off four weeks. Was planning to take more, but when I went in just to say hi, I could see how far behind everything was getting. I did bring her in with me a few times, plus I had the luxury of in home daycare via my husband. (This contrasts greatly with my firstborn, when during my maternity leave I was laid off. But on the plus side, that resulted in my finding the job I am still in today.)