I forgot my crazy hat so I guess it’ll have to be crazy hair day…

Oh yeah, I fergot. Every day is crazy hair day. Or ugly hair day. Or something.

It is 10 AM on a Friday and there is a large beer mug (full of beer) floating along the top of the cube walls here in Cubeville…

Hmmm. I just heard the LSCHP say something about Crazy Hair Day. I hope that doesn’t mean it’s gonna become a “thing”. Why did I mention Crazy Hair Day again?

Killing the ghost demo.

Soaking up some rays from that November low-slung sun listening to an unidentifiable birdie chirp a complicated warning tune while the admiral (and some Delta jets heading for the left coast) soar overhead.

Playing chicken with various vee-hickles at the S. Seventh / W. Washington “crosswalk”. You guys, this is a CROSSWALK. It is dark. Slow the you-know-what down.

(4-5 pedestrians were hit by cars in the last week or so. TWO OF THEM DIED AT THE SCENE!)

“How do you know the marching band is practicing?” @kayakwoman: I could hear it while I was walking down here. “You can hear it from here?” @kayakwoman: I can hear it from The Landfill.

That greeting was a bit too saccharine for me.

Hem hem. The Commander would be on the warpath hearing that particular pronunciation of Ypsilanti (but I’m gonna sit on my hands)…

I like puffalump mice and scurry mice (when they are not invading the Landfill) but not computer mice.

Socialist, communist, religious freedom (my personal favo-rite): please, let’s look up some daffy-nitions before bandying those words about on facebook (or anywhere).

“So glad that John Norman Collins isn’t around here any more.” Indeed. Or Coral Watts. Or that guy in the mid-90s who would bludgeon women and run, leaving them to die. Or not. In my neighborhood.

Was I scared? Yes. But I was more ANGRY! I am not a gun aficionado but I told more than one neighbor I thought we should arm all of the women and patrol the area in twos.

“Oh, you know, that Barnwell girl. Or was it Boswell.” Those socialites…

“They wrote a book about the double helix but I can’t remember why the heck I’m talking about this.”

Other people might put up their Xmas lights. I flip a switch.

@tmotu (after spitting): It’s amazing how much phlegm you see on the sidewalk around town. @kayakwoman (banging head on wall): Well, why don’t people aim for the *grass* if they *must* spit?

All of the nitrogen was dumped in Maryfield Park tonight.

Goodnight. I hope you get to do a dump run this weekend. I do not.

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