Routine Planet Ann Arbor Saturday with a twist.

Our Saturday Planet Ann Arbor routine the past couple years has been to get up at 0-skunk-30 and walk down to the farmer’s market (two miles or thereabouts). I like to buy produce locally, at least as much as I can schlep back up the long slow hill to The Landfill. And the GG has a “girlfriend” down there at the farmer’s market. Oh, don’t get all excited. Victoria has sold us a few of her fish over the years and we will probably buy more in the future and I love Victoria but I don’t apparently have a chit-chat gene in my DNA like the GG apparently does and so he and Victoria get going and he shows her photos and I go and buy produce.

We didn’t talk to Victoria today for whatever reason. Her fish (and Santas) were there but she was off somewhere schmoozing with some other “boyfriend” when we walked by. We almost couldn’t find our fave coffee joint Roos Roast. They are in a different spot at the farmer’s market every week and the first time we did the usual walkaround, we couldn’t find them. The GG was ready to go inside and get coffee at Sweetwaters (which is a wonderful place to get coffee too) but I said, “let’s walk *that* way one more time.” And we did and there was Roos Roast, right there big as life. We had walked right by on our first tour.

So, home with a backpack full of produce and then a walk to the Plum for other stuff and then a bunch of flinging / organizing activities that would bore y’all to tears. And then, this afternoon, we made our first visit to NpJane’s *gorgeous* condo. We had a wee bit of whine while a certain feetsball game on TV played in the background. While we discussed various things like polly-ticks, etc. Or tried to, since many of us are sort of scratching our heads.

So now, we are home at The Landfill and Turkey Tetrahedron is (finally) in the oven and there are fake logs in the faaarplace and life is so cool sometimes…

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