moonlight midnight madness

I can never remember whether it’s moonlight madness or midnight madness. Whatever it is, when the beach urchins were teenyboppers, I always used to call it the wrong thing and then I would get the whole correction thing. “Oh mooooom, it’s *midnight* madness, not *moonlight* madness.” Or probably it was the other way ’round. And no doubt somebody will correct me tonight.

Anyway I still don’t remember what it’s called but it was crowded down there and I had my backpack on and I kept bumping it into people and even though it was practically empty, that was annoying. And there were all these carolers everywhere and I just couldn’t get into the seasonal stuff. I wasn’t in a bad mood exactly, just not all that excited. I was more in the mood for somebody to dump a big barrel full of leaves into the street, pour some gasoline on it and light a match. I guess it wasn’t crowded enough downtown, so we headed over toward Kerrytown…

Where it was *really* crowded.

There was yet *another* festival going on over there (Kindlefest, I just looked it up) and eventually we figgered out that we were not just in a big gridlock, we were actually in line for “rue” gluh wine or some such substance. I can’t remember exactly. Thank you Twitter! Not that I would normally turn down whine but if you have to walk a couple miles to get home, you have to manage your substance abuse carefully so you don’t end up hitting the bushes at West Park or wherever. So we bagged it and the GG ate fish instead. Or maybe it ate him. I can’t remember.

Anyway, home again and after a loverly second shower (of the day), I am hanging out in the back room with whine but I’ll be switching to water in a few minutes. And hitting the rack. So I can walk back down to the farmer’s market in the morning. And then I have a special prodject planned for this weekend. We’ll see what gets done…


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